If Your Love Language Is Physical Touch, Try These 4 Sex Positions

If you’re looking for new ways to show your partner how you feel about them, one of the easiest ways is to find out what their preferred love language is and use that knowledge to really express to them what is in your heart. If it just so happens that your or your partner's love language is physical touch, well, get ready to have a great time — ahem — showing each other your love.

If you aren't familiar with the concept of the five love languages, they originate from the book The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate by Dr. Gary Chapman. In the book, Dr. Chapman explains that there are five categories of ways we express love for one another: Words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts, and physical touch. All of these love languages can be applied to help improve your communication, including in the bedroom.

While any sex position will satisfy a partner for whom physical touch is their love language, there are some that are even better than others. For instance, some of the more advanced sex positions are really just some variation on trying to make the geography of your genitals match to various degrees of difficulty. Don’t get me wrong, that can be plenty of fun, but often times these positions forget about the simple pleasure of maximizing skin-to-skin contact. While these positions may not be the most elaborate, they are sure to please — because they focus on full body touch, varying sensations, or leaving the hands free to explore. So, if your boo lives for physical touch, tell them you love them with one of these positions tonight.

Soaking Wet Doggy

To assume this position, first hop in the shower together and watch things get steamy — figuratively and probably literally, as well. Next, have the receiving partner stand facing away from the penetrating partner and lean forward slightly to brace yourself on the wall. The penetrating partner enters from behind, holding on to their partner’s hips to help guide the motion. Then, just let the sensation of the warm water and deep penetration work its magic. One safety tip though: Before attempting this position, make sure you have a good non-slip mat on our your shower floor.

The Facing Spoon

While the standard spoon position is a great one for folks who love physical touch, since it involves being embraced and encircled by your partner’s arms while all the hot action takes place, put a little spin on it — literally — by facing one another in this variation on the position. To achieve this position, each partner should lay on their side facing one another. The receiving partner then opens their legs slightly to allow the penetrating partner to enter them. Once inside, the receiving partner can then put their legs back together and then slowly start thrusting. This position is great because it gives both partners a sense of closeness and connection, but also it makes for stellar clitoral stimulation.

The Rocking Horse

If cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are your jam, but they don’t provide you with quite the level of connection you desire, the Rocking Horse may just be the sexy solution you’ve been waiting for. To achieve this position, have the penetrating partner sit crossed legged and leaning back on their arms for support or against a wall. The receiving partner then straddles them on their knees. What's great about this position is that it makes it much easier for each partner to have access to touch and explore one another with their hands, increasing and varying the sensation for a more full-bodied experience. Needles to say, for folks who appreciate physical touch, this is a winner.

The Speed Bump

If physical touch is your love language, sometimes the best sensation in the world is just the feeling of your partner’s weight on top of you. Pressed together like this practically from head to toe can feel incredible all on its own, so why not level that up with a bit of penetration in the Speed Bump position. To achieve this position, have the receiving partner lay on their stomach with a pillow under their hips to help angle the pelvis for penetration. The penetrating partner then kneels with their legs on either side of their partner’s hips and enters them. This creates a tight squeeze and the angle is great for g-spot stimulation. Hot stuff.

If right about now you are starting to, ahem, feel the love, you now you have a few more ways to show it in a way that honors your love language as well.