5 Sexy Reasons Quickies Are Always So Thrilling

by Korey Lane

If you've ever dated someone who you had seriously hot chemistry with, then you probably know the ~allure~ of the quickie. That almost-need to get it on in the bathroom, closet, or even car is exciting, but what makes that need such a desperate one? The reasons quickies are always thrilling are plenty, but the truth is, they go beyond desire. I interviewed two sexperts who agree that quickies are actually pretty romantic and a lot more complex than they might seem at first.

First of all, let's dive into what a quickie really is. "A quickie is a short sexual encounter that is often preceded by a build up of sexual energy and connection that makes jumping straight into it possible," sex and intimacy coach Irene Fehr tells Elite Daily. "What makes a 'quickie' powerful and satisfying is some form of energetic or emotional foreplay that leads up to it that creates the sense of 'I want you, right here, right now.'"

Whether you have a quickie with your significant other or some cutie you just met at the bar, here's why these encounters are always so satisfying and exciting.

It can feel sneaky.

If you have a quickie in a fairly public place, like a public bathroom or a parked car, the adrenaline rush of potentially getting caught can make it all the more exciting, Amy Levine, sex coach and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure, tells Elite Daily.

It's super passionate.

No matter where you get it on, a quickie is hot. "The lustful intensity of being in the passionate moment," really makes a quickie feel more intense than regular sex, Levine says.

In fact, quickies with someone you're in a relationship with can actually bring you closer together. "Quickies allow partners to connect and be with each other in a passionate way," Fehr explains.

All that desire does wonders for your sex life.

More than anything, a quickie is like an unspoken language between you and your partner that you just have to have each other right then and there. "Quickies are like sparks," Fehr says. "That burning 'I want you now' feeling communicates to your partner that you desire and want them, which is very important in a relationship."

It's a burst of feel-good hormones.

Tons of hormones are released during sex, which is what makes it feel so good. But with a quickie, all those hormones get released super fast, which leads to that thrilling, bursting, exciting sensation you feel afterwards. "With the burst of feel-good hormones from arousal and the passion, quickies give us a burst of aliveness," Fehr says.

It's like a little pick-me-up.

Sex is awesome and all, but when you have a busy schedule and you're rarely in the mood, being intimate with your partner can start to feel like a chore. Having a quickie solves the time problem, while still giving you and your partner the pleasure you crave. "If involving orgasm, quickies allow for release of sexual energy and tension and leave the partners feeling refreshed and alive," Fehr says.

"Even though they're short, quickies can be just as meaningful as spending hours worshiping each other in the bedroom," she continues. "What makes them meaningful is focusing on connection and having an experience with your partner, rather than going after a goal such as orgasm."

Having a quickie can be sweet, fun, and thrilling AF, so if you're in the mood (and you're somewhere you won't get arrested for public indecency), don't be afraid to go for it.