If Missionary Sex Is Getting Boring, Here Are 6 Ways To Spice It Up

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Missionary sex gets written off as "boring" all the time — and OK, sometimes it can be. One partner is on their back, the other partner leans over them, and then penetration of some sort occurs. That's the drill. But before you cancel the classics, know there are several ways to make missionary sex more exciting. For starters, you and your partner can keep this tried-and-true position, but challenge each other to focus on your erogenous zones.

Imagine missionary sex where the giving partner caresses the receiving partner's thighs, belly, chest, or face. Try to envision missionary sex where the receiving partner grabs the giving partner's backside while they're thrusting. Not so boring anymore, huh? Besides, with some of the following juicy missionary upgrades, you don't even have to sacrifice eye contact — especially if that's what gets you and your partner off.

You don't have to give up the intimacy of face-to-face sex to kick the heat up a notch. Creative leg arrangements, incorporating your sex toys of choice, and entertaining some kinky add-ons can transform a regular missionary session into something to brag about in your group chat. Here are six more ways to make missionary sexy again. (No, seriously.)

Legs Over The Shoulders

The receiving partner might want to do a few stretches before you two try this one. Essentially, you two will get into your typical formation, but this time, the receiving partner puts their legs up over the giving partner's shoulders. Sex therapist Rachel Hoffman previously told Bustle that the legs-on-shoulders position is ideal if you and your partner are nervous about making any huge changes to the bedroom. A position like this is a small change that can yield great rewards," she said.

Not only is the giving partner able to thrust deeply, but there's a sexy, "dominance" element to this position. "While all of this is going on, both partners can look deeply into each other's eyes," Hoffman added. "This gaze can be super arousing, leading to greater pleasure for both partners." Talk about hot.

Advanced Legs-On-Shoulders

If legs-on-shoulders sex turns out to be your jam, take the position a step further: The receiving partner raises up their butt (or props it up on a pillow), while the giving partner kneels on the bed, holds the receiver's legs up, and thrusts. If the receiver likes to be dominated, this definitely up their alley.

Missionary, Featuring Sex Toys

Tired: missionary sex. Wired: A vibrator, cock ring, or butt plug that'll turn you and your partner all the way up. If the receiving partner is a vulva-owner, putting a vibrator to their clitoris while they're being penetrated could be a game-changer. They might have the divine experience of simultaneous vaginal and clitoral orgasms, aka, a blended orgasm. If your sexual situation involves any penis-owners, a cock ring can prolong sex in the most pleasurable way. As for the butt plug? Any couple can get innovative with them, because butts exist across the gender spectrum.

Mirror Sex

If you can pull it off, sex in front of mirror is so hot. Look over and see your partner mid-stroke in the dresser or closet mirror. You can also do some maneuvering and watch yourselves go at it on your bathroom counter.

Closed Missionary
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If the receiving partner is a vagina-owner, they lay back with their legs mostly closed, while the giving partner gets on top and thrusts with their legs on the outside. Even though the thrusts won't be as deep as say, legs-over-shoulders missionary, this revamped position does deliver clitoral stimulation. "Overall, keeping your legs together or crossing one leg over the other can make any position feel more orgasmic," sex and relationship coach Courtney Cleman previously told Elite Daily.

Kinky Missionary

If the acrobatics of legs-on-shoulders missionary wasn't edgy enough for you, opt for a BDSM-tinged missionary moment. After careful discussion of limits, consent, and your mutually-agreed-upon safe word, dare to make missionary kinky AF. TBH, either the receiving partner or the penetrating partner can be blindfolded in this position. For an added thrill, the giver can slowly pour body-safe wax onto their partner's body.

If you or your partner crave eye contact, forget the blindfold and try incorporating some choking, a ball or bit gag, or a pair of handcuffs. Just don't do all three at the same time — the receiving partner needs to be able to speak or use a non-verbal safe word, like an arm tap, to call time out.

Whether your new bedroom guest-stars are vibrators, acrobatic leg positions, or a pair of fluffy handcuffs, there are several ways to make missionary a main event worth watching.