Here's The Sex Toy You Should Try, Based On Your Relationship Status

Unbound / Dame Products

"New" may not always mean "better." But mixing something "new" — be it a person, a position, a technique, or a toy — into your sex life always has the potential to be hot. Sex toys in particular bring a certain excitement. There's that juicy potential for discovering a different kind of sexual stimulation — one that is absolutely delightful, and that you couldn't have fathomed if you hadn't taken a chance on some mystifying, devious-looking device. The next sex toy you should try to spice your sex life up might depend on your relationship status, though.

Honestly, you can probably find a way to use any sex toy to your benefit — alone or with someone else, regardless of your anatomy or your partner's. It's all about getting wicked and creative. Still, it's nice to have a toy all to yourself for make your masturbation more indulgent. Or maybe, a foolproof butt plug that consistently makes all your hookups that much more fun. And then there are the BDSM or BDSM-lite toys that require a little more trust than a one-night stand or Tinder match — but still might super dope with a trusted FWB or committed romantic partner. Here are the new toys you should try out in the bedroom, based on your relationship status.

Riding Solo

If you're looking for a glamorous masturbation switch-up, then Unbound's Palma is a good start. Not only is the ring a scintillating, futuristic fashion statement, but it's also a vibrator. It has three speeds (low, medium, and high) and two modes (tilt and tap). In tilt mode, your hand's angle increases the vibration. In tap, you can tap out a vibration pattern that will play back on loop.

The toy's complexity means a wide range of opportunities for experimenting with masturbation. And the fact that you get to treat yourself twice (for the price of once) is a selling point, too. Besides, who doesn't want to come with style?

Team One-Night Stands

The Laya Spot II is a good bet if you're working on getting around and getting off with maximum pleasure. It has four vibration levels and six vibration "programs." But more than that, the shape is versatile. You can tease and stimulate all kinds of erogenous zones and genitalia. So no matter who you're hooking up with, this toy will have your back. The Laya Spot II is also small, so it's good to slip into your bag while you're out on your sexy adventures.

Friends With Benefits

Figuring out how to pleasure yourself with Fin could be ultra-rewarding — you just need someone you know would be patient with you, more so than your average one-night stand. (Nudge, nudge, a FWB!)

Essentially, you or your partner grip the little vibrator between your pointer finger and your middle one. And then you do your thing, with the added benefit of three speeds and two sensations of vibration. Fin is more on the adventurous side, so fortunately, Dame has a guide, "Tips for Enjoying Fin," to help you and your FWB figure out how to make Fin work for you.

Boo'd Up

And then last but not least, there's this icy, intriguing toy: Nox Shop's Glass Wand. It's a tapered dildo with bubbles, so it's almost ridged and smooth at the same time.

A cool aspect of this toy is that it's temperature sensitive, so people often chill it before using it internally (for vaginal or anal penetration) or externally (think nipples, legs, and other erogenous zones). This toy can easily be worked into your current sexual dynamic with your romantic partner, while also bringing something thrilling and different to the table.

A pro-tip: Be sure to clean your sex toys, using a mild, unscented hand soap or dish soap. An important fact to know is that toys with porous surfaces are more likely to rack up bacteria. (Thermoplastic rubber aka TPR, thermoplastic elastomer aka TRE, jelly rubber, sensafirm, UR3, and latex are all porous materials popular in sex toys. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene aka ABS, borosilicate glass, soda-lime glass, gold, stainless steel, and silicone are popular sex toy materials that are non-porous.)

Whether you're having solo sex or doing it with your partner(s), these sex toys are bound to add a little bit of heat to your sheets.