How To Have Successful Shower Sex In A Cramped Dorm Bathroom

One of the most shocking revelations of college life (at least in the beginning) is that getting intimate in a dorm filled to the brim with people can be extremely difficult. Although some insist quiet sex in shared quarters simply comes with the territory, not everyone is down with having an essentially public hookup — especially when space is tight. That's why it's of the utmost importance to get creative. Cramped shower sex positions might not be the most glamorous way to get sensual with your bae, but they definitely are practical. As you've probably discovered, the bathroom is just about the only place where you are completely free to do whatever you want (within reason).

If you want to keep your sex life in full swing while your roommates are none the wiser, then what are you waiting for? However, if you're a newbie to the whole shower hookup thing, then here's your one and only warning: Things can get slippery, so be careful. The last thing you want is for one of you to end up with a concussion and have to give your RA all the dirty details. So, here are four shower-sex positions that don't require much room.

The Leg Up

As the name implies, this sex position requires the receiver to prop their leg up on the rim of the tub (kind of like you're shaving) and bend forward. Then it's the giver's job to enter from the back. If by some miraculous twist of fate you have a detachable shower head, then don't be afraid to use it on your erogenous zone to keep the pleasure on full-blast. But again, beware of tub slippage.

Woman On Top

If you've got one of those shower bathtub combos, then you're in luck because bathtubs open up an enormous door of romantic potential. Nothing heats things up like the classic woman on top posish, with the added bonus of warm water and bubbles. Plus, this orientation still allows both partners easy access to all the pleasure zones.

X Marks The Spot

If being pushed up against cold tiles while getting it from behind sounds like your thing, then this shower sex position is definitely for you. The receiver faces and leans into the wall with their arms and legs spread into an X. Meanwhile, the giver presses their body against the receiver's back, inadvertently pressing them against the shower wall. What makes this position fun is partially the tension created by the contrasting temperatures and the passion of being pressed up against a wall while your bae rocks your world.

Standing Doggy

Much like traditional doggy, standing doggy requires the giver and receiver's hips to be in-line as the receiver bends over while standing. This can be tricky if you and your bae aren't around the same height. If this is the case, the giver can bend their legs until the angle feels just right.

The Stand & Carry

Perfect for small spaces, this position will depend on whether or not the giving partner has the arm strength to carry the receiving partner. The receiving partner should straddle their partner in a stand-up position, allowing them to enter them face-to-face. Leaning against the cold, wet shower wall helps make the weight distribution easier, but beware: It's slippery.

Although finding privacy during the first couple of years in college can certainly be a challenge, there are most definitely ways around it. Depending on how many people you're sharing a shower with, not monopolizing the only shower or bathroom for hours is important and will probably win you some courteous roommate brownie points. So, if you can, consider planning your romantic night on a weekend when most people will be out and about.

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