Tayi Sanusi


Tayi Sanusi has been a Sex + Dating Writer at Elite Daily since September 2017. After graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of Arts in 2015, it was clear that her creative storytelling skills also had a place in the editorial sector. Currently based in Berlin, Germany, she’s also a performer, poet, translator, social media strategist, and travel videographer. To keep up with her latest work and travel thangz, check out her Insta at @moxiecleopatra. In her free time, Tayi can be found on terraces everywhere with a spritz and personal cheese board in hand. She’s also equally obsessed with reading AND audiobooks because, why chose? For injuries, shoot her an email at tayi.sanusi@gmail.com.

10 Heart-Wrenching Stories About Breakups Will Make You Bawl

By Tayi Sanusi
Breakups are rarely easy, regardless of how or why a relationship ended. But there are breakups, and then there are breakups — the type of endings that are all-consuming, make you feel physically sick, and convince you that you might not be able to…