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8 Holiday-Themed Virtual Date Ideas If You & Your Partner Are Apart

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Being away from your partner during the holiday season is never easy. Whether you usually spend your time drinking mulled wine at the ice-skating rink, or going on long walks around your neighborhood to enjoy the decorations, the holidays present so many opportunities to do cute things with that special someone. Unfortunately, life can get in the way, and being together might not be possible all the time. For times like these, holiday-themed virtual date ideas will ensure you and your partner don't feel like you're missing out on all the seasonal fun.

Although Zoom dates might feel a little weird at first, they can be a key aspect of keeping the romance alive when you can't be with your SO IRL. While it's easy to assume your partner won't mind forgoing holiday festivities, going the extra mile to show them how much you care can have a lasting impact. What's more, a video chat date doesn't have to be super elaborate to be effective. Oftentimes, it's the simplest moments that are the most memorable. Below, some fun date ideas that can help get you and your partner in the holiday spirit, no matter how far apart you are this year.

Build Gingerbread Houses

Turning baked goods into edible works of art is so much fun, and the best part about it is you get to eat them afterward. Buy an all-supplies-included gingerbread house kit from Amazon, pour yourself a glass of wine, and fire up video chat. You can even make the date more fun by making it a competition! Who will finish their house first? Rate each section between one and 10. The person with the highest score at the end wins.

Make Holiday Cocktails
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Nothing beats good cocktails paired with great conversation. The next time you and your SO are looking for a cute way to bond, kicking back and enjoying some seasonal cocktails is definitely the move. If you'd rather not drink, get creative with alternative eggnog recipes!

Decorate Christmas Cookies

If building a gingerbread house sounds like too much of a commitment, consider having a cookie decorating contest. All-in-one kits are the best way to keep this process as stress-free and easy as possible. If you want to use your date as an opportunity to connect with other members of each others' families, invite one of your parents to work as your "teammate," or bring in your little cousins to make the event more childish and exciting.

Watch A Holiday Movie

Sometimes, making memories is as easy as watching a cheesy holiday movie and laughing about how bad it is via FaceTime. You already know the Hallmark channel has a stacked lineup for Christmas Day, but if you're craving the classics, check out Freeform's 25 Days Of Christmas schedule.

Make Your Own Ornaments
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Making your own ornaments is another cute activity you and your partner can do during a virtual date. Buy a DIY ornament kit from Amazon, or some acrylic paints and blank ornaments. If you want to up the sentimental ante, paint an ornament in a way that represents your partner, and have your partner do the same for you. Whether it be honoring a relationship milestone, painting your shared pet, your first home, or re-creating the scene of your first date, there are several ways to make this activity feel really personal.

Have A Hot Chocolate Tasting

In case you forgot, hot chocolate is delicious. And if you're feeling adventurous, there are plenty of fun flavor twists on this classic cold-weather drink. Make an activity out of it and DIY a unique hot cocoa recipe, or line up several and rank your favorites from one to five. (Unless you want to go the extra mile and line up 10. I encourage any and all hot cocoa consumption.)

Try Some Christmas Role-Play
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If you're feeling naughty instead of nice, who says you can't experiment with some holiday-themed role-play? The sky's the limit, people. Treat yourself to some holiday-themed lingerie, or dress up like a "naughty" elf. Let your imaginations do the rest.

Plan A Virtual Cooking Session
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For couples who love spending time in the kitchen, trying out a new festive recipe can set the stage for a fun evening. Try picking out family recipes for each other and cooking them together through FaceTime. Is there a dish that's unique to your culture that your family enjoys on Christmas Eve? Send your partner the recipe and see how they do!

Even though being apart from your partner during the holidays is far from ideal, there are still plenty of fun things you can do to make the most of the situation. Planning virtual dates with a festive twist will ensure that you still get to enjoy each other, no matter how far away they are.

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