Vanessa Hudgens & Cole Tucker's Astrological Compatibility Is Complex

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It looks like there could be something romantic brewing between actress Vanessa Hudgens and major league baseball player Cole Tucker. Since splitting with her long-time boyfriend of almost 9 years Austin Butler in January 2020, Hudgens has reportedly been spotted out and about with the Pittsburgh Pirates shortstop. For anyone who's already 'shipping these two cuties, it may interest you to know that Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker's astrological compatibility suggests they're opposites who could learn a lot from each other.

Born on Dec. 14, Hudgens is a passionate and adventure-seeking Sagittarius. Tucker, born on July 3, is a sentimental and security-seeking Cancer. The initial chemistry between this duo could definitely be a classic case of opposites attracting — and sources reportedly confirmed to E! News that the pair looked quite smitten while having dinner together on Nov. 23 at Los Angeles' Pace restaurant. Sources reportedly told the magazine that Hudgens and Tucker "had a romantic dinner outside under the stars," and "shared wine and food and had a great two-hour meal. Vanessa was giddy with laughter. She was looking over at Cole and couldn't contain her smile."

As a mutable fire sign, it's all too common for Sagittarius to wear their heart on their sleeve, letting the authenticity of their emotions shine through. So, it makes sense that Hudgens was reportedly "giddy with laughter" and "couldn't contain her smile" while hanging out with Tucker. And let's be real, no one values genuine emotional depth and transparency like sensitive Cancer. Although fire and water signs aren't traditionally considered to be the most compatible in the long-term, Cancer and Sag can certainly connect on a deep level as they both value honesty.

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The biggest challenge when it comes to this pairing can be creating a shared vision for the future that honors the crab's need for security and stability, while also providing enough adventure for the free-spirited centaur. However, if both people are willing to be patient and compromise, this can be a partnership full of individual and shared growth. Cancer can teach Sag that creating a comfy home and planning for the future can be fun and satisfying in its own right. Meanwhile, Sag can teach Cancer that experiencing new things and coming out of their shell can open up a world of possibilities.

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In the end, for this astrological pairing to be successful, it's important that they lay the groundwork for clear and open communication early on. As long as both people feel safe enough to ask for what they need in the relationship, working through their differences can make the resulting partnership that much more satisfying.

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