Pete Davidson is a Scorpio

Pete Davidson’s Zodiac Sign Makes Him An Intense Partner

He’s Scorpio AF.

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As I’m sure you know by now, Pete Davidson is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after bachelors. The SNL star has had his share of heartbreak, but that certainly hasn’t prevented him from bouncing back strong (he’s reportedly been seen going on dates with Emily Ratajkowski). While the duo hasn’t publicly commented on their relationship yet, it comes as no surprise that Davidson has a thing for romance, and his zodiac sign explains why.

After a highly-publicized relationship with Ariana Grande in 2018, Davidson’s been linked to a wide range of Hollywood stars. From Kate Beckinsale, Kaia Gerber, and Kim Kardashian (he clearly has a thing for women whose names start with “K”), he hasn’t exactly been lonely — and as a Scorpio, this makes total sense. Scorpios are passionate, all-in kinds of people, so when it comes to love, they tend to dive headfirst (or should I say, heart-first). Pete’s known for expressing his love for the women he dates through tattoos — a permanent reminder of his affection, which is a Mars-ruled way of expressing your admiration for another person. While some may see this as a drastic choice, it’s pretty on brand for someone who has not one, but four Scorpio placements.

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Born on Nov. 16, Davidson is a deep and sensual Scorpio. As a fixed, water sign, Scorpio is known for having an emotional intensity that is almost impossible to miss. They’re looking for a love that’s all-consuming and steadfast — but sometimes, this can come off as a bit impulsive when it comes to matters of the heart. While they tend to be very emotionally guarded initially, it doesn’t take too much to win them over. As long as they feel like you’re trustworthy, you’ve got them on your side for life.

While Scorpios are incredibly consistent, there’s many sides to them that not too many people get to see. Since they’re deeply emotional, they tend to move with caution until they’re certain it’s safe to let their guard down. While Davidson appears to open up quite easily in relationships, there’s likely a side to him that he prefers to keep protected.

Ruled by Mars, Scorpios are incredibly armored individuals. As water signs, they have a soft, sensitive core, but it’s rarely put on display for others to see. In fact, they tend to be very calculated when it comes to vulnerable expression. If a Scorpio shares a part of themselves with you, trust me — it was something they put plenty of thought into beforehand.

Pete’s Got More Than Just His Sun Sign In Scorpio

Not only was Pete born during Scorpio season, but he also has his Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in this fixed, water sign, making his the ultimate Scorpio. This intense sign is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, assertion, and pursuit. Those who have Mars-ruled placements are incredibly resilient, determined individuals — which is why he’s been able to bounce back from so many ups and downs in relationships. Scorpios might take a while to move on, but when they do, they do it with a vengeance.

Having Venus in Scorpio isn’t always easy, since the planet of love is considered to be in detriment in this sign. Preferring to be in either Taurus, Libra, or Pisces, your Venus sign indicates what you look for in love, as well as how you express it. In Scorpio, Venus is far more cautious, which can prevent true connection from occurring. It’s important for those with this Venus placement to work on trusting others, even if there’s a risk factor — which is something Pete seemingly does with ease. Did I mention that Mars-ruled signs can also be incredibly impulsive? Maybe that explains the tattoos.

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