Dove Cameron's Zodiac Sign Makes Her An Independent Partner

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Some zodiac signs feel much more at home in their independence than others, and actress and singer Dove Cameron is no exception. On Dec. 12, she announced her split from long-time boyfriend actor Thomas Doherty — who she met while shooting the 2016 movie Descendants 2 — in mid-October. But Dove Cameron's zodiac sign makes it clear the young star isn't defined by her relationship status. Born on Jan. 15, Cameron is a strong and diligent Capricorn who isn't afraid to put her career first. In a July 2020 interview with Paper magazine, Cameron confirmed that while she is very romantic, relationships can't always be the main focus in her life.

"I think I've always had this internal battle between being a really independent person," Cameron told the magazine. "I am not, by nature, somebody's girlfriend, by any means, but I'm an incredibly intense romantic. And I think those two things together are always kind of fighting with me." The internal battle between finding love and achieving their goals is a common Capricorn struggle. After all, nothing makes Cap feel more alive than finally reaping the benefits of their hard work and consistent effort. However, as a cardinal earth sign, their capacity for passionate relationships is off the charts.

As a highly disciplined and motivated partner, it's so important that Cap's ambition is whole-heartedly supported and nurtured by their partner. Due to their intensely career-focused nature, they're usually looking for a partner who has similar values. They will naturally feel at ease with someone who's passionate about building a bright future, and more importantly, someone who has an air-tight plan to turn those goals into reality.

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Although Cap may come off as a workaholic, when they do meet someone special, they will take it slow and steady. So, if you typically dive head-first into a new relationship, you'll need to exercise caution when trying to court a Cap. Their grounded nature means they won't let their heart go anywhere their head doesn't approve of. That's why showing interest and investing consistent effort over time will yield better results than over-the-top displays of affection that happen too soon.

In the end, landing a Cap partner will likely be a drawn-out endeavor. But once you've secured a position in their heart, they'll do their best to juggle their career obligations, while also making the person they love a priority. For this reason, a Cap partner does best with romantic prospects who appreciate and respect the fervor with which they go after their goals.

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