Couple trying new sex position in 2022, based on zodiac sign.

Here’s The Sex Position You Should Try In 2022, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Better get stretching, Scorpios.


There’s something about New Year’s celebrations and the crisp start of January that make us all feel a bit more experimental, isn’t there? Some commit to trying a new workout regime, some go vegan, some abstain from alcohol (at least for 30 days). And some of us? Well, some of us get experimental in other aspects of our lives. Like, ahem, in the bedroom. And who better to decide which saucy new trend to attempt in the new year than the stars?

That’s right, friends — the constellations know all, including which sex position to try in 2022, based on your zodiac sign.

While experimentation is expected from signs like the ever-adventurous Aries or mercurial Gemini, even the shyer, more sensitive signs — like Cancer or Pisces — can (and should!) try something new in 2022. And whew, do we have some ideas for you. From bridges to spooning, rocking horses to seesaws, here’s a look at several sexy, new poses to strike with your partner this year, based on your zodiac sign. They’re all designed to make you and your partner feel sultry and naughty and absolutely incredible, tailored to your sign’s exact desires and needs.



We all know Aries like to push the envelope, no matter the situation or circumstance. They’ve likely tried every position in the book at this stage, so why not experiment by introducing some props in bed — like, say, a blindfold? Whether you’ve chosen to blindfold your partner and take control, Aries, or agreed to throw a blindfold on yourself and give your partner the metaphorical reins, it’s an incredibly hot way to mix things up in 2022.

Try placing the blindfolded partner in a chair and teasing them like mad — touching them, licking them, rubbing your fingers or breasts across their lips — before finally rewarding them with oral sex. It’ll be fun and adventurous, just like you.


Taureans appreciate stability and routine, so trying something new in bed (or anywhere, really) may not be their thing. At least, not at first. That said, they love to feel connected to their partner, so trying out some new closer, more connected positions will feel worth their while, like the rocking horse.

A more intimate take on the cowgirl, the rocking horse involves the penetrating partner sitting upright, either cross-legged or leaning back against a wall or headboard. The receiving partner then lowers themselves on top, wrapping their legs around the penetrating partner’s waist and rocking back and forth.


Geminis are stellar multitaskers, which certainly comes in handy (pun intended) during sex. You’re also known for keeping your partners on your toes, Gemini — so why not do that literally? Yep, it’s time to try a standing 69.

Instead of lying down, one partner will stand up and actually hold the other upside down — almost like they’re holding the other in a handstand position. From there, both partners perform oral sex on each other — as you would in a traditional 69, but with the added pressure of supporting one another and the thrill of trying something completely different. Talk about a head rush.



"Being creatures of the sea, Cancers love to have sex in water," astrologer Lisa Stardust previously told Elite Daily. They also crave intimacy with their partners, so trying an entangled, sensual position in the bathtub is perfect for you, Cancers — like “the lotus.”

To do this, the penetrating partner sits down in the tub, cross-legged, while the other partner climbs onto their lap, spreading their legs and placing their knees at either side of the sitting partner. Rather than bouncing up and down, the partner on top rocks back and forth, running their hands through the other’s wet hair and splashing just a bit.


Leos love the spotlight, so, why not embrace that fact in 2022? Place a mirror by your bedside and get on all fours, Leo, allowing your partner to either penetrate you (doggy style) or perform oral sex on you from behind. Then, just admire how absurdly sexy you two are from your reflection.


Virgos are another sign who appreciate connection and closeness, though they can also be quite meticulous (and are prone to overthinking). For this reason, complex or out-of-the-box sex positions might make them a little wary. Instead, opt for something intimate and guaranteed to bring you both pleasure, like the thirst.

Both partners should lie on their sides on a bed (or any flat surface!), face-to-face, with their arms wrapped around one other’s neck or waist. One partner will then wrap their leg around the penetrating partner — grinding up and down, back and forth — as both run their hands all over each other’s bodies.



Libras, as we know, adore balance. They love to please their partners, of course, but they also want to ensure they’re feeling good at the same time, so mutually pleasurable positions are among their favorite kinds. In the new year, Libras, why not mix things up with a twist on a classic that’s sure to have both you and your partner feeling divine — like the seesaw?

One partner lies on their back while the other straddles them and climbs on top, similar to cowgirl. Instead of bouncing up and down, however, the top partner leans forward and rocks their hips back and forth in a seesaw motion. You can even add in a bit of nipple play, if you’re feeling spicy.


Scorpios are supportive, loyal partners who also love to take control and show off. In 2022, Scorpios, try flaunting your strength and flexibility with a sex position that’ll make you feel like an Olympic gymnast: the bridge.

One partner (whoever’s a Scorpio!) goes into a backbend, or bridge — balancing on all fours, face up. The other partner then stands or kneels in front of them, either penetrating or performing oral sex (while admiring the other’s balance, for sure).


Sagittarians live on the edge, and — as astrologer Alyson Mead previously told Bustle — “daredevils have a much better chance at landing a Sag in bed and making [them] happy.” Go for something bold and audacious in 2022, like introducing not one, but two toys at once.

For example, have one person lie on their back and use a vibrating or suction-style toy to stimulate their clit themselves. The other partner will then use a second vibrator or dildo inside their partner, ensuring every last inch of their body feels incredible.



Capricorns are classically hard workers. They certainly don’t shy away from the hustle, but they also enjoy calling the shots and running the show, which can make them a little domineering (in the sexiest way possible) in the bedroom. So — if both partners are comfortable with this — go ahead and throw some handcuffs or soft rope into your lovemaking (you know, metaphorically) in the new year, Caps.

One partner (the Capricorn) can tie or handcuff the other’s arms above their head — to a bedpost or headboard — then use their hands, mouth, breasts, anything to tease their partner until they’re begging for more.


Aquarians are a creative type, and they love to be stimulated — mentally and physically — during sex. The more easily they can whisper filthy, sweet nothings into their partner’s ear, the more turned on they’ll undoubtedly become. Modified doggy style — a more inventive take on a go-to position — is perfect for them.

Have one partner lie down on their stomach — spreading their legs, bending their knees slightly, and supporting themselves with their arms. The penetrating partner then leans over them, placing their head in the crook of the other’s neck (the ideal spot for whispering exactly how good they feel), and enters them from behind.


Pisces crave intimacy, and — people-pleasers in every sense — they also want to deliver maximum pleasure to their partners during sex. Try a position rooted in comfort and connection in 2022 (with plenty of variations to suit your partner’s likes and needs), like spooning.

Both partners should lay on their side, nestled together and facing the same direction. From there, the big spoon can either penetrate the other from behind or wrap their arms around and use their hands, or a toy, to pleasure the little spoon. Again, if you’re feeling spicy, you can throw a bit of nipple play in here, too — both partners have their hands relatively free, after all.

Regardless of the positions you try (or don’t try) this year, though, here’s hoping you and your partner feel amazing as ever.