3 Sex Positions Cancers Will Love, According To Astrologers

The fourth astrological sign, Cancers are known as the mother of the zodiac. Of course, when it comes to getting it on, Cancers are more like the smokin' hot mamas of astrology. Intuitive and emotional, the crab is built to make any space feel like home — on the streets and between the sheets. With the inclination to feel, it's no wonder that the sex positions Cancers will love are pretty physical and emotional. "For a Cancer, intimacy and mood is tied in directly with sex. They like to feel safe — being good to your Cancer helps to get them in the mood and surpass your desire for intimacy," astrologer Cindy Mckean says. "Cuddling, spooning, and rubbing noses are all part of the action that will send Cancers to the moon, which interestingly enough, is the planet that rules their sign."

Behind it's hard red shell, the sensitive crab is all layers of tender. "New positions may have to be approached slowly with a Cancer — the more they trust and love you, the more they're willing to satisfy your needs," Mckean says. From spooning to butterfly kisses, Cancers like to keep it intimate and comfortable.

Although you may want to approach them with care, here are three sex positions perfectly in tune with empathic Cancers.

Sit And Slide

When it comes to getting it on, astrologers say that the crab may prefer to get wet first. "Being creatures of the sea, Cancers love to have sex in water," astrologer Lisa Stardust says. "Sit and slide in the shower will make any Cancer moan with ecstasy, as they are under warm water and able to look their partner lovingly in the eyes." A grown-up version of the "Slip 'N Slide" have the penetrating partner sit in the tub with their legs stretched out. The receiving partner turns their back to the water, facing the penetrating partner, and straddling them however feels comfortable. This way the warm water can still get on both partners, but eye contact can still be held.

If that doesn't quite sound like your thing, Stardust shares a basic romantic bath that may do the trick. "A basic rub down in the tub will make your Cancer mate go wild, as they are cuddled next to their partner as they are being lovingly scrubbed up and down with care," Stardusts says.

Missionary On Top

Keeping it homey and a little old-school, while still super sexy, basic missionary may do it for a Cancer queen — especially with the receiving partner on top. "When things get hot with a Cancer, they are also steamy," Mckean says. "The missionary position satisfies the Cancerian trait to lean towards the traditional. Being on top satisfies wanting to have things their way, plus it's the added bonus of pinning down their partner." With the penetrating partner on the bottom and the receiving partner on top, missionary can provide the comfort a Cancer craves, while still packing a sexy punch.

Spoon Sex

The moody crab may be pleased best lying down, in an intimate spoon. "Spooning is a must for the lunar babe. Nestled in between their partner’s arms is where they feel the most secure, which is essential for Cancers," Stardust says. Of course, to spice up your spoon-fest, Stardust suggests getting a little toppy. "Cancer rules the breast. Any light touching, rubbing, licking, or tickling on the breast will drive any Cancer wild," Stardust says. If the penetrating partner is acting as the big spoon, incorporating the chest mat be all a Cancer needs.

Of course, any sign can have whatever (consensual) sex they want to be having. The zodiac may help you refine your preferences, but it doesn't need to dictate your sex life. If you're a Cancer babe, or if you're lucky enough to be sleeping with one, incorporating some H2O into the bedroom may really make some waves.