There are plenty of ways to make doggy style sex more enjoyable.

Here Are 6 Ways To Make Doggy Style Your New Fave Sex Position

Using a mirror is a game changer.

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Is it just me, or is there a time in every sex sesh where your partner, mid-thrust, is like, "Hey, wanna flip over?" But I'm not complaining — doggy style sex is hot, and there's something so intimate about giving your partner full control and letting them take you from behind. Sex from behind also allows for deeper penetration, so if you’re wondering, “Why do guys like doggy style?” it’s probably because this position is just as hot for male and male-identifying folks. However, like many sex positions, doggy does come with its own challenges.

“While a fun position, doggy can be very difficult due to height differentials as well as not being able to see your partner’s face,” sex educator Lola Jean previously told Elite Daily. She also noted that, while “doggy can be a great position for achieving more depth,” the position “can also be a painful one for those who do not want said depth, not to mention a lack of control.” So how do people go about solving those common issues? If you’re looking to make sex from behind hotter and better than ever, then here are some tips that will make doggy style your new fave position.

Reposition Your Legs


One of the most common struggles with doggy is navigating the height difference between you and your boo. According to Jean, this can actually be solved pretty easily. As she previously explained, “To compensate for height differential, either partner can widen their legs or bring them together.” By working together to make up for height differences, sex from behind can be made that much hotter.

Use A Mirror

If you don’t like the fact that you can’t see your boo during doggy, then consider using a mirror to help you maintain eye contact. Whether you use a mirror or not, communicating with your partner during sex can also help you feel connected, even when you’re facing away from them.

Try A Modified Version

Doggy style requires stamina from both partners, and if you find yourself getting tired out easily, then you might want to give the modified doggy a try. In order get into this position, lie flat on your stomach with legs together while your partner penetrates you from above. As adult performer and sex educator Jessica Drake previously explained to Bustle, this modification has the “same amazingly tight friction as 'special' missionary, and depending on the size/shape of your partner, possible G-spot stimulation.” For extra comfort, stick a pillow under your hips.

Get Your Partner To Lean Into It

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Another way to make doggy style feel more intimate without doing a modified version is to have your partner lean their body into yours. Try moving your legs as close together as you can and, if your bodies allow for it, you can even cross one knee over the other. Then have your boo rest their torso on your back. From there, they can whisper sweet nothings in your ear so much more easily.

Have The Receiver Do The Thrusting

If the partner doing the penetrating is going too fast or deep for your liking, then communicating that is necessary. However, as Jean previously pointed out, “You can put a fun twist on this classic movement by having the receiver be in charge of the depth and control.” Using your hands and knees for stability, thrust backwards with your hips onto your partner’s penis or strap-on to set the pace and determine the depth to your liking.

Play With Yourself

You don't need both of your arms to hold you up, so take matters into your own hands and use one of them to stimulate your clitoris. Doggy is also the perfect position to use a vibrator. As sex therapist Vanessa Marin previously told Bustle, “This is a great position for a larger toy, since it won’t ‘get in the way’ like it might have in missionary or other positions ... You can hold the vibrator against your clitoris with one hand, and use the other hand to help herself stay propped up. Or you can go down to one elbow, to make balancing a little easier. You can even have your partner reach around and use the toy on you.”

If doggy style sex isn’t for you, then don’t sweat it — but if you’re looking to take sex from behind to the next level, then these tips will help get you there.


Lola Jean, sex educator

Jessica Drake, adult performer and sex educator

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