3 Sex Moves That Leos Would Love More Than Any Other Zodiac Sign

If you've ever wondered why you are the way you are, why your instincts guide you in a specific direction, or why you just can't stand certain things, look to the stars for an explanation. Seriously! Your zodiac sign affects so many aspects of your personality, including your likes and dislikes, and knowing this could help you understand yourself and those around you even better. It could also help you have a more satisfying sex life, because of course there are sex positions for Leos that can really get the kitty purring. Sure, Leo likes pretty much any and all sexual positions, but these are particularly hot, hot, hot.

Leo has a natural magnetism and charisma that draws people to them, seemingly without any effort on Leo's part. Leo is consistent, loyal, and brave, and their zest for life is infectious. Being around a Leo means being entertained, and Leo's optimism and energy constantly keeps them right where they want to be — in the spotlight. But that doesn't mean Leo is selfish, in fact Leo firmly believes in reciprocity. Leo absolutely wants their partner to feel satisfied and cared for, and will put in whatever effort is required to do so.

On Top & In Charge

Leo prefers to take a dominant sexual position, so Leo is happy to hop on top of their partner and control the pace, rhythm, and motion of the ocean. Not only does being on top give their partner the vantage point to admire and appreciate Leo's beauty, it also gives Leo a chance to perform and deliver. Attention itself is enough to rev Leo's engine, so this position gives them everything they want out of a sexual encounter.

Video Vixen

Leo's natural affinity for performance means they don't shy away from the camera, even when it comes to having sex with their partner over video chat. Leo will get off on seeing their partner in a new way, but more than that, Leo is turned on by seeing themselves, too. (I wouldn't be surprised if Leo enlarged their own screen to better admire themselves!) Even though sex over FaceTime has an element of distance for obvious reasons, Leo loves to perform for their partner and the intimacy of this act makes them feel close to their loved one.

Three's Company

Unsurprisingly, Leo has a big sexual appetite and doesn't shy away from having more than one partner. A threesome with a Leo can be amazing, as long as Leo's sandwiched in the middle. If Leo's other partners focus on each other and shut Leo out, even briefly, Leo will not be a happy kitty. As far as Leo is concerned, they have more than enough love and energy to go around.

When it comes to sex, Leo comes on strong, usually initiating and controlling their sexual experience. Leo loves to be loved, and instead of expecting their partners to intuit what they want — they'll just say what they want. Leo wants to be the best at everything, including sex.