Hear Me Roar: 10 Reasons Why Leos Make The Best Sexual Partners

Outside of Scorpios, of course, I have found my most memorable sexual experiences have been with Leos. This may have everything to do with Leo and Scorpio compatibility, or it could be from a Leo's strong personality in general.

Either way, whether it was the best or worst experience I've had, sexual encounters with Leos have definitely been some of the most memorable rendezvous I've ever had. Let's get into it, shall we?

1. Say goodbye to missionary.

I have never had sex with a Leo who did not want to keep things interesting in the bedroom. Leo is a natural competitor, so you can be sure "normal" will be the last word you use to describe this sexual encounter.

Leo is sure to fold you up and twist you like a pretzel while the two of you tango in bed. No more boring missionary here.

2. They expect the best.

Leos' egos play a huge role in pretty much everything they do. Leos love to look good, and they expect you to do the same.

This means that although they could sleep with anyone, they take the cream of the crop.

They expect you to look good, be good in bed and to stroke their egos every chance you get. When engaging with Leos, verbal recognition is important. A little moan goes a long way.

3. They're always hungry for more.

Leos won't be okay with the same sexual experience over and over again. Whether it be roleplaying, using whipped cream or inviting a friend, Leos' strong sexual desire makes them fun partners to experiment with during sex.

Leos are not shy people, so persuading them to have a little extra fun while trying something new will not be very difficult. (That's if they haven't already asked the same of you.)

Be careful, though. If a Leo doesn't like it, you'll be sure to know.

4. Their cocky attitudes are (kind of) a turn on.

When you come in contact with Leos, you know it. Their strong personalities can be felt from across the room.

Leos are often pretty cocky, but I'm a little turned on by that. Any person who can get and keep my attention in a room full of people is certainly sure to do the same in the bedroom.

5. The King of the Jungle is a beast in the sheets.

Leos are the lions of the zodiac, and they will never let you forget that. Their aggressive nature definitely shows up in the bedroom. Leos won't be afraid to toss you around a little bit during sex.

Again, Leos will definitely make sure that nothing is normal about the sexual encounter you two have. If you're not into crazy, wild sex, Leos probably aren't the best bet for you.

6. There are no awkward after-sex moments.

Leos are extremely bold. Unless you're a bit timid, there won't be any awkward after-sex moments.

When things are all said and done, they'll have no problem letting you know if it's time to cuddle or get dressed.

Sure, it seems a bit harsh, but for a woman like me, it's necessary. No mixed signals here.

7. They don't take things too personally.

I often find myself having to tell people I become sexually involved with that's literally all it is: just good sex. Leos usually don't find this pill hard to swallow.

If that's all you want from them, they're cool with that. If you want more, pitch the idea and they'll let you know what's up. You can expect the same communication from them, too.

8. You can expect an honest report.

"So, how was it?" Although many people hate this part of the after-sex experience, I love diving into the sex report.

As a Scorpio, I have a very high sex drive and an even greater competitive spirit.

Leos and Scorpios have some pretty creative sex together, so I love getting the details on what was impeccable and what wasn't.

I mean, how else am I going to improve or know what scares the sh*t out of my partner? Either way, whether you like the answer or not, Leos are sure to offer you pointers or praise after you two handle business in bed.

9. They're pretty reliable partners.

Once the two of you give each other the stamp of approval, you've found a partner who will deliver every time.

I've found Leos are usually pretty dependable partners when a time of need presents itself.

You know what the best part of a Leo's dependability is, though? No matter if it's a quickie or an all-night deal, the sex is sure to be just as memorable and wild as the last time.

10. Leos give what Leos get.

Ultimately, Leos enjoy being pleased because they like pleasing their partners even more. Their competitive nature won't allow them to be anything less than royalty in bed.

The more you do to arouse Leos and make them roar, they're sure to do tenfold to you.

In other words, you have to give to receive. However, remember ego is important to a Leo. If you didn't enjoy the experience, don't expect it to happen again!