Send Your Capricorn Lover These 16 Steamy Sexts

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Whether you're exclusive partners or friends with benefits, your Capricorn lover probably seduced you with their quiet allure and confidence. Who could blame you for falling? If you're in the mood to brighten their day with a sexy surprise and wondering what kind of sexts to send a Capricorn, it might be helpful to learn a little bit about astrology and its elements. Like Virgo and Taurus, Capricorn is an earth sign, which makes them reliable and hardworking people. Don't worry, this dedication definitely goes beyond the boardroom and into the bedroom. Their grounded nature makes them super tactile and sensual, and thus, a sexy AF partner.

Their modality can also shed some light on Cap's defining traits. They join Libra, Cancer, and Aries as the final cardinal sign, which means they enjoy taking charge and are brilliant at setting plans in motion. Capricorn is inclined to take the lead, so when crafting the perfect sext for them, don't be afraid to lean into power play. (Consensually, of course, because you still need enthusiastic consent for dirty messaging.) Here's how to send your Cap partner a sext that'll turn them all the way on.

1. I can't wait to be of service to you tonight.

2. I want to get you off until my hands are tired.

3. I want to pleasure you until my mouth gets sore.

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4. How can I assist you sexually tonight?

5. Let me relieve some of that tension for you.

6. You can be soft around me. Let me take care of you tonight?

7. I want you to dominate me from behind.

8. You can pull my hair while I'm pleasuring you.

9. Would you like to hit it from behind?

10. How do you feel about adding 'get freaky' to your schedule?

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11. I want to leave your place smelling like you.

12. If you can guess what color underwear I'm wearing, you get to keep this pair.

13. Are you ready to have the best orgasm you've ever had tonight?

14. What if I made you forget your name?

15. I'm going to make you moan louder than you've ever moaned before.

16. I have something wonderfully NSFW planned for our date tonight. Want a hint as to what it is?

If you and your Cap partner haven't experimented with BDSM yet, consider dipping your toes in. If you're into it, let them take the reigns and take on the dominant role. Infusing a bit of this sexy dynamic into your interactions with Capricorn — even the digital ones — can yield a very pleasurable result.