Here’s What You Need To Know About Sex With An Earth Sign

When you think about which zodiac elements really bring the heat in the bedroom, earth signs may not be the first that spring to mind. A water sign like Scorpio is passionate and mysterious, and fire sign Sagittarius knows how to bring the wild side out of their lover. But there are some undercover lovers you may have been sleeping on (rather than sleeping with) that you might want to reconsider. Sex with an earth sign can be amazing. If you want to feel the earth move, find yourself a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn lover.

Every earth sign may have different characteristics, but they're all very dedicated partners. They take their relationships and commitments seriously, and that extends to intimate time in the bedroom. They see sex as both a way to connect and to show how much they care. Whether that's through hard work, strong communication, or intuition, they aim to please, and they succeed. Like all other signs, they have their issues, but thanks to their pragmatic and practical nature, sexual stumbles are easily overcome with a partner who is willing to work through them together. With that said, here's why earth signs will rock your world in bed.

Earth Signs Are Very Sensual.

Earth signs are known for being very grounded, and while that means that they're practical and prudent, it also means that they're usually very tactical and sensual, which bodes well when it comes to the bedroom. This is especially true for Taurus, who is ruled by Venus. These elements crave touch, and when they make love, they do so with all five of their senses. They completely give themselves over to the experience and are totally present. This is especially impressive for Capricorn, whose mind is usually on several different levels all the time. When it comes to sex, Cap's partner gets their full, undivided attention.

Earth Signs Are Up For Anything In The Bedroom

Because earth signs tend to be more conservative and traditional signs, you might think that would make them shy about sex. I mean, Virgos are literally represented by the symbol of the virgin. But in actuality, these signs may be some of the most adventurous and sexually liberated in the zodiac because they have a much more practical and less moralistic view of sex. For earth signs, if it feels good and their partner enjoys it, then nothing sexual is off the table. Period. And frankly, they don't care what other people think about their private, intimate lives.

They Put Their Partner's Pleasure First.
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Earth signs are famously generous and warmhearted signs when it comes to their relationships. Fortunately for their partners, this translates into the bedroom as well. They are generous lovers who put their partner's pleasure above their own. For Capricorn, part of this comes back to their need to be the best at whatever they do, which makes them both skillful and determined lovers. For Taurus, pleasuring their partner is so enjoyable that it practically becomes a feedback loop of gratification, which heightens to a hot sexual experience for everyone involved. And Virgo is a sign with a natural tendency toward service. They love taking care of the people who have their heart, both in and out of the bedroom.

Notoriously grounded and practical, earth signs understandably tend to fly below the sexual powerhouse radar. But when you take into account their sensual, generous, and steadfast nature, it becomes increasingly clear that they're really the undercover rock (pun intended) stars of bedroom. So, you might want to get under (or over) one ASAP.