15 Sexts That’ll Make Your Sagittarius Partner Feel The Heat

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Sagittarius approaches sex just like almost everything else they do. They want it to be fun, carefree, and full of new, exciting experiences. This fire sign knows how to bring the heat in the bedroom and loves a spontaneous rendezvous. So if you happen to be sleeping with one, they’ll love it if you have a few sexts to send your Sagittarius partner to let them know when you’re feeling a little extra frisky. Just don’t be surprised if this spontaneous sign simply drops whatever they're doing and comes knocking on your door. After all, if there's one thing the archer believes in, it's in following their instincts and desires.

When it comes to writing a sext to entice a Sag, it's all about leaning into their nature. Think adventurous, uninhibited, unexpected — and direct. Sure, the late-night inquiry is welcome from time to time, but even the booty call, when it becomes routine, can leave Sag feeling a little bored. Instead, mix it up with mid-day messages or even some early morning missives. Not sure what to say? No worries. Here are some Sag-approved sexts to send your fiery partner that are pretty much guaranteed to make them burn for you.

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1. I’m bored, wanna play strip truth or dare?

2. Hey cutie, I'm over here thinking about you and touching myself. Wanna lend a helping hand?

3. Thinking about you has me feeling a little… experimental. Want to come play?

4. This bed is cold, why don’t you get over here and heat it up with me.

5. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? If it's you on top of me, then we're sharing a very sexy brainwave.

6. I’ve just been remembering that time we [sexy memory]. Let's do that again. Soon.

7. Hey, I have a meeting at [time] but have a couple of free hours afterward. Up for a quickie?

8. Good night, cutie. I’m gonna go dream about all the dirty things I plan on doing to you next time I see you.

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9. Night babe, wish you were inside... er I mean, beside me right now. Actually, both.

10. I’ve never met anyone who could turn me on without even being in the same building as me before. Get over here.

11. Hey, I’m going to be out late tonight with my girls. Wanna come over after?

12. Hey cutie, feel like getting naked?

13. Surprise! [Send a consensual nude]

14. More of this please. [Send a pic from a previous sex sesh together].

15. Good morning! Wanna f*ck?

Sag is anything but a prude, so there’s a very good chance your sext's going to have the desired result. That is if you two are on that same level. With sexts, as in all types of sexual contact, it has to be enthusiastically consenting. Make sure that your Sag's down with digital dirty talk before hitting send. If they are, well, have fun and enjoy the Sagittarius ride — literally.