Get Your Sag Partner Fired Up With These 8 Lewds

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Sagittarius knows how to bring the heat in bed, so if you're sending lewds to a Sagittarius partner, you'd better bring your A-game. First thing's first: Sag is a fire sign. Like a flame in a forest, they're quick, sharp-witted, passionate, and always ready to seize the day. Unless your Sag has more mellow placements throughout their birth chart, like thoughtful water signs or friendly air signs, they'll probably be focused on the main attractions of sex. Foreplay likely won't be top of mind for Sag.

But, that being said, you can probably use your partner's astrological eagerness for momentum and action to your advantage. Not only can it be more comfortable to take lewds instead of nudes, but you can also draw out delicious anticipation with some sexy but still "safe-for-work" pics. Here are eight solid lewd ideas that'll totally light your Sagittarius partner's fire.

1. Your Silhouette Against A Fireplace

Something you probably adore about your Sag partner is their larger-than-life personality. Lean into their bold fire sign vibe and strike an enchanting pose by a fireplace. Self-timer will be your best friend here. Just be sure you don't get singed while trying to be sexy.

2. Fully-Dressed, But Still Suggestive

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Another lewd idea that works regardless of your partner's zodiac sign is posing provocatively while fully clothed. If you're not comfortable with someone having naked pictures of your body, this is a great way to up the ante. Stand, sit, or lean over in a way that shows off your favorite feature.

3. Show Them You're An Open Book

Sagittarius likes big brains and they cannot lie. A tease featuring a book you're reading — censoring choice parts of your body, perhaps? — will probably lead to all sorts of sexy wordplay.

4. Enjoy The Great Outdoors

To say Sagittarius likes sex with a side of thrill is an understatement. Send them a hot picture from your backyard, your terrace, or your building's rooftop to get them going. Don't expose too much, though — going to jail for public indecency is completely unsexy.

5. Bring A Candle Into The Mix

No fireplace? No problem. Incorporate your partner's main element by taking a candlelit nude. Maybe the picture quality won't be the best (depending on your other lewd-taking lighting sources), but it will totally set the mood for some steamy texting later.

6. Show Off Your Big, Beautiful Hair

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Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, a planet associated with growth, prosperity, and expansion. Honor the spirit of Jupiter and snap a pic of yourself with big hair. Whether it's expertly tousled, fresh after a twist-out, or simply the result of restless sleeping, the sight will set your partner's skin ablaze.

7. Play With Warm Tones

Another way to feed your partner's fiery nature is to take lewds that feature warm tones. This could mean snapping pics where your tangerine-colored bralette is visible, or breaking out a colored ring light to give your photos some extra ambiance.

8. Thick Thighs Save Lives

Here's one last drop of astrological tea that will put you on game: Every zodiac sign has corresponding body parts they rule, and thighs and legs are Sagittarius' zone. If you've got thick thighs, big calves, and generally strong legs, flaunt them in your favorite shorts or leggings. The results will be absolutely lit.

Having a Sagittarius wrapped around your finger with your fire sexting abilities will make you powerful beyond measure. Just be sure to send out these lewds wisely — and with your partner's enthusiastic consent, of course.

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