If You're Not Quite Ready To Send Nudes, Try One Of These Lewds

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The word "lewd," by definition, describes anything "obscene," "vulgar," "sexually unchaste," or "wicked." But if you've lurked on Twitter or flicked through your intimate friends' "Close Friends" Instagram Stories, you might be hip to the new meaning of the word. "Lewd," noun: a photograph meant to sexually tease; not a full-on nude, but a semi-nude — a nude lite, if you will. If you're working your way up to sexting, the following lewds to send your partner are perfect for stoking sexual tension without stripping down entirely.

But before you start unbuttoning or unzipping anything, keep in mind that this photo exchange should always be consensual. If you're considering sending lewds to someone, do it because you crave a delicious crescendo from cleavage to boob pics, or a bulge outline to d*ck pics. Don't do it because the other person is pressuring you to send nudes and a lewd feels like an OK compromise.

Similarly, make sure your sexual or romantic partner is open to receiving erotic photos. No, you won't be sending anything too explicit, but you still need to respect their personhood and honor their boundaries. If you and your partner are on the same page, here are some ideas for your foray into subtle seduction.

A Rumpled Bed Sheet Moment
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Posing naked with your bed sheets pulled up suggests nudity without actually showing any. Let your partner's brain fill in the rest.

Embrace The Breeze

Snap a pic of yourself in a shirt without bottoms. Even though you'll be semi-covered, it's still a naughty look and leaves much to the imagination.

Post-Shower Towel Action

Dewy skin, tousled hair, and a form-hugging towel? This lewd is worth 1,000 words. (Your partner will tell you all of them.)

4. Play With Shadows
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Set up your self-timer in front of a window where the shadows, blinds, or trees cover up your bits. Just be sure that your neighbors can't catch a glimpse of you creating this museum-worthy tease.

No Shoes, No Shirt, Yes Service

Flip the second idea above and photograph yourself in bottoms, but without a shirt. Cover your chest if you feel more comfortable — rest assured it is equally sexy!

The Not-Quite-D*ck-Pic

One of the best things to come out of the 2010s was society's collective acknowledgement of grey sweatpants and their magical bulge-outlining properties. Immaculate. Put your own spin on this sexy classic, whether in cotton, denim, or lace.

A See-Through Moment

Dig out your mesh clubbing shirt or crocheted beach cover-up, wear nothing underneath, and start snapping away.

A Game Of Peekaboo
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Looking for something more risqué? Consider posing nude, but cleverly censor your private parts. Take cues from Bella Hadid's Vogue Italia selfies, and pose strategically with flowers, vases, tables, or other items you find in your bedroom.

A Sliver Of Anticipation

Simply unbuttoning or unzipping your clothes can be an effective tease in itself. Your partner will only get to see a sliver of skin, but it'll still push their buttons.

In some ways, lewds are even better than nudes. It's like you're telling your partner, "Here, have a pinch of sexy and a dash of temptation, as a treat." And more than getting your partner hot and horny, you'll be proud of how you channeled your inner artiste while taking these snapshots.