Send These 17 Sexts To Get Your Partner Hype Before FaceTime Sex

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If you're physically separated from your partner, you've probably gotten creative in figuring out ways to alleviate sexual frustration. Along with solo sex, you've likely sent lewds, nudes, and a dirty text or two. The final frontiers are phone sex, and the ultimate audio and visual experience of FaceTime sex. If you enjoy teasing your partner, send these sexts before having FaceTime sex to get them all hot and bothered for your virtual date.

Even though the world has been looking pretty Black Mirror lately, virtual reality hookups aren't a thing just yet. Until then, FaceTime sex is the closest people can get to cyber sex, and just like with real life, foreplay for your sexy digital date doesn't hurt. Send one of the following sexts to your partner, and best believe they'll be revved up to FaceTime later.

1. Tell me what you want me to do tonight.

2. If you can guess what I'm doing right now, I'll show you on FaceTime.

3. I can't wait to hear you moan later.

4. How would you feel if I stripped for you tonight?

5. I have a sexy surprise planned for later.

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6. I'm so wet / hard thinking about our date tonight.

7. The anticipation for tonight is killing me.

8. I'm so distracted that I'm not getting any work done.

9. I can't wait to make you come over FaceTime.

10. Want to talk about our dirtiest sexual fantasies later?

11. How do you feel about watching porn together for our date?

12. I couldn't wait for tonight, so I'm touching myself RN.

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13. I love watching you [insert favorite sexual act here]. Can I watch you do that tonight?

14. Just because we're not having sex IRL doesn't mean I'm not going to make you beg for it.

15. Want to hear what I'm going to do tonight on FaceTime?

16. I want you to show me your [insert favorite body part here] tonight.

17. I'm excited to watch you later.

In the same way that foreplay enhances digital sex, a conversation about consent (especially when it comes to screenshots and nudes) can make a huge difference in your comfort levels. If you're involved with a new partner, try to keep your face or identifying marks like tattoos out of the frame until you've had this talk. Once you've taken these precautions and made sure you're comfortable, that's when you can get creative. Break out the sex toys, get messy with lube, and get loud, if you can. One of the best parts of FaceTime sex is putting on a show for your partner — and sending them a dirty text will get them hype about their front-row seat.

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