These 12 Sexy FaceTime Date Ideas Are Scorchingly Hot

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Freaked out by the idea of FaceTime sex? You're definitely not alone. The prospect of sending nudes, touching yourself in front of a camera, and engaging in virtual dirty talk is more than a little intimidating for plenty of people. However, if you and your SO can't be together because of distance or circumstance, getting down-and-dirty via video chat is an amazing way to stay connected. For those who aren't exactly sure how to get frisky on FaceTime, I've got some suggestions for sexy FaceTime date ideas guaranteed to turn both you and your partner on.

FYI, erotic FaceTime hangouts don't have to involve undressing, so if that's not your thing, have no fear. Over FaceTime, you and your boo can describe fantasies, watch pornography, or shop for sex toys while remaining fully dressed, and being able to see each other's faces will still make the experience feel intimate. Of course, if you're comfortable with it, getting naked will make your video chat a whole lot kinkier. Whether you're new to this or just looking to spice up your next FaceTime sex sesh, here are some ways to make virtual date nights with your honey totally unforgettable (and incredibly hot).

Share Your Fantasies
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Even if you're not able to try out your sexual whims at the moment, describing X-rated fantasies and desires to your partner can be just as titillating (and sometimes even more so, since waiting builds anticipation).

Do A Striptease

You don't have to own a tripod and a ring light to pull off a virtual striptease. As long as you have a surface that can hold your phone upright, you can easily put on a sexy show for your SO.

Try An Erotica App

Whether you're in the mood to listen to an erotic story or read erotica out loud to each other, erotica apps like Dipsea, Quinn, and Sex Stories provide the best kind of bedtime stories for you and your boo.

Play Sexy Truth Or Dare

If you're feeling playful, start up a game of sexy truth or dare. Questions like "what's your favorite position?" or "are you open to toys or props?" can get a very hot convo going, while dares like "touch yourself there" or "take that off" are just straight-up hot.

Stream An Erotic Movie

Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services are full of sexy movies, ranging from sensual and romantic to borderline pornographic. Pick a flick and start streaming at the same time (or use Netflix Party) so you can enjoy all those juicy moments together.

Watch Porn

If you'd rather watch actual porn than borderline porn, you and your SO can take turns sending each other links to sexy videos. There are plenty of ethical porn sites that focus on female pleasure, and those are a great place to start if you're feeling overwhelmed.

Pleasure Yourselves
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When you can't touch your boo, the next best thing is watching them touch themselves. You and your SO can masturbate at the same time or take turns watching each other, and it may just give you some ideas for the next time you engage in foreplay.

Create A Sexy Bucket List

Have you always wanted to have sex in a bathtub or dress up in a sexy costume or engage in a threesome? Rather than simply sharing sexual desires, you and your boo can actually create a list of sexual experiences you'd like to have together.

Research New Sex Positions

Feeling bold? Make your own lists of adventurous sex positions you'd like to try with your SO and take turns describing them to each other. If both of you are intrigued by the same sex move, then you know it's def worth experiencing.

Shop For Toys And Props

There's no wrong time to introduce toys and props into your relationship, and the best way to it so is to shop together. Try browsing a sex toy website like Babeland or Lovehoney from your own computers and point out toys that pique your interest.

Play Strip Poker

For a little friendly competition, you can play a game of virtual poker for free on PokerStars. Of course, rather than betting money, you can always make things a little more interesting by betting items of clothing for each losing hand.

Use Remote Control Vibrators

You and your boo don't have to be together to enjoy the same toy. Some high-tech sex toys can be operated with an app or remote control, meaning you and your SO can send each other really good vibes from a distance.

FaceTime dates def involve a little more creativity than IRL dates, but if you're willing to put in the effort, you and your boo can feel close no matter how much distance there is between you.

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