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10 FaceTime Date Night Ideas That'll Give You And Your SO Heart Eyes

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When you're in a relationship, any kind of distance can be tough. You'd rather be next to the person you love, laughing and cuddling with them on the couch. It becomes #necessary to plan nights when you can talk on the phone and put these FaceTime date night ideas to good use. Have you tried planning a FaceTime date yet? If not, you and your SO are in for a real treat.

These date nights will make you forget about the miles between you and focus on making new mems. They'll bring you two together and give you a chance to do all of your favorite things. Maybe you love watching a TV show with your bae, or having photo shoots with them in your free time. All of that is still possible, including those romantic dinners and kitchen dance parties, thanks to the technology and apps built into your phone.

To get started, simply find a time when you and your SO are both free to have a FaceTime date. Make sure it's at a time when your roomies won't interrupt you, or when you don't have to watch the clock because of an incoming Zoom call. Once you have a time, prep everything you need to have a romantic, fun, cheesy, and perfect date night with bae. These 10 date ideas will be easy to recreate.

Have A Sweet Picnic In Your Backyards
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The first of these date nights is a picnic in your backyards. It requires that you lay out your favorite blanket, gather up some snacks like cheese, bread, and fruit, and turn on your favorite tunes. Then, this date is entirely up to you to design. Maybe you and your SO talk about your days, or recall your favorite mems. That's for you to decide.

Cook A Delicious Meal Together

If you and your love have a few cooking skills up your sleeves, then cook a homemade meal together over FaceTime. Figure out which ingredients you both have, whether it be pasta and tomato sauce or chicken and rice, and create a meal around it. Then, spend time together while you each put together your dinner and enjoy it in your homes.

Have A FaceTime Fashion Show

You may love getting your SO's opinion on your outfits, and vice versa. That's all well and good. Turn your shared love for fashion and style in a FaceTime date. Have a fashion show for each other, trying on new #looks in your closet and showing them off. Use the camera feature on FaceTime to capture this date in all its glory.

Watch Your Favorite Movie

Thanks to technology and streaming services, you and your SO can watch your favorite movie together no matter where in the world you are. You simply have to log onto FaceTime and then start the film at the exact same time. Be sure you both have a bowl of popcorn ready before this date, and pause when you have thoughts to share about the plot or characters.

Go On A Wine Tour In Your Space
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Are you and your SO a fan of the finer things in life? Plan a date around wine, then, and spend it over FaceTime. To do this, put a different bottle of wine in each room of your apartment with a small tasting glass next to it, and have your SO do the same. Once you've prepped your space, take a tour together, rating the flavors and notes as you go.

Have A Virtual Game Night

A virtual game night will be something you and your SO never forget. After competing in "Truth or Dare" and "Never Have I Ever," you'll know so much more about each other and want to schedule another FaceTime date like this. If you plan this date, get ready to laugh, smile, and reveal your most embarrassing stories.

Create A Playlist Of Your Favorite Songs

Unfortunately, you can't stay on FaceTime with your bae for, well, forever. But, you can put on a playlist that you two made together when you're chilling at home. Just have a FaceTime date first where you curate a list of your favorite songs, and the ones that remind you of each other. It'll be sweet and very romantic at its core.

Have An Olympics-Style Competition

Does your love challenge you to be the best you can possibly be? If you answered "yes," then you need to have an Olympics-style competition over FaceTime. Within this competition, you have to face-off in the following: dancing, making the funniest face, getting the other person to laugh first, and doing a celeb impression. The judge can be your roommates or yourselves.

Go On A Camera Roll Scavenger Hunt
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To have this date with your SO, start by going on FaceTime and then selecting some photos you both will have to track down. Maybe it's a selfie you two laugh about regularly, or a picture of the pizza you ordered from your first date.

On the count of three, head off into your camera rolls to find it. Once you do, send it to the other person and then go back to your FaceTime tab. The first one back is the winner of that round.

Snuggle Up And Chill In Your Beds

Sometimes, you want nothing more than to snuggle up with your bae in bed and talk about anything and everything. Enter, this FaceTime date idea which give you the time to do just that. Put on your comfiest pair of sweats and grab your fave pillows and blankets. This date is bound to give you both some heart eyes.