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Channel Your Fave Stars With These 10 Celebrity IG Story Filters

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If you have post notifications turned on for Kris Jenner, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and other A-list celebs, then you need to open your Instagram app and slide over to stories. The celebrity Instagram story filters are basically made for you, and give you the chance to channel your favorite stars wherever you are.

Whether you're chilling at home or driving to the store with a BFF, these filters will let you try out Kylie Jenner's signature lip kit colors or totally transform the space around you to look like the "Yummy" music video. If you've dreamed about putting a glitter heart around one of your eyes, in true Taylor Swift Lover fashion, now you can and show your support for the lovey-dovey, rainbow-filled album. There are even effects for fans of Ellen Degeneres and her hilarious games, Selena Gomez and her Rare album, and the one and only, Beyoncé.

Like any other story filter, you simply have to tap on these effects in the library and then save them. Once they're saved, you can freely use them and channel celebs who walk red carpets, go to award shows, and take lavish vacations on the reg. Here are the 10 filters, in particular, that you should save and use RN.

Lip Kit by @kyliejenner

First up is Lip Kit by @kyliejenner. This effect applies a sweet set of false lashes to your face, along with a fully-done lip. If you save this effect, you'll be able to pick between shades like Dolce, Say No More, and Boy Bye. Serving a #look, required.

Rare by @selenagomez

Finding a Instagram story filter that glistens like this one is, well, rare. Sure, there are probably other effects that give your face a radiant glow, but this one comes with cheery butterflies, too. Save Rare by @selenagomez to your phone to remind your followers that you're a work of art.


The music video for "Yummy" is all sorts of colorful, and now you can be part of it thanks to JUSTIN BIEBER-YUMMY by @sarionss. This effect puts your face into the memorable scenes and plays the catchy track in the background. What more could a Belieber ask for?

Ellen's Mood Booster by @theellenshow

Some story effects are interactive, meaning they ask you to play a certain game or act out something in real life. Ellen's Mood Booster by @theellenshow is one of these effects, and after activating it, you'll be asked to "do a one-handed dance move" or "air guitar your favorite song." Do it for Ellen, OK?

Lover. by @taylorswift

No Instagram story filter is quite as lovely as Lover by @taylorswift. This effect puts a glitter heart around one of your eyes and surrounds you with cotton candy-colored clouds. If you've been listening to "You Need To Calm Down" and "Lover" on repeat, this is the filter for you.

yoncé by @agathabahiense

Channel your inner Beyoncé with the yoncé effect. Created by @agathabahiense, this effect puts a black frame with Beyoncé's name around your face, giving you the perfect space to create a #fire selfie. Whether you're chilling at home with your SO or at your bestie's apartment, it'll be the best effect to mess with.

bury a friend by @billieeilish

If you've ever imagined what living in a Billie Eilish music video would be like, look no further than the bury a friend effect by @billieeilish herself. This filter is flickers the lights around you and makes your eyes disappear. Try it out for yourself to see what it can do.

i stan charli d by @ryanclementsbrazil

Calling all TikTok lovers: This effect is for you. i stan charli d by @ryanclementsbrazil takes your love for Charli D'Amelio to the next and dreamiest level, and writes "i stan charli d'amelio" on your forehead in pink and orange lettering. From now on, you won't have to announce who your fave TikTokker is. It's right there for your followers to see.

Ariana by @alisabet_channel

Ariana Grande has a parade of catchy hits under her belt now, and you can have them written across your face thanks to the Ariana by @alisabet_channel effect. Tap between "7 Rings" or "Fake Smile," or throw the words, "Thank u, next" across your face.

Jeffree Star by @callmebyyourname_

Fans of Jeffree Star will love thos effect on Instagram stories. It puts one of his iconic tweets that reads, "Can't relate," on your forehead. Save Jeffree Star by @callmebyyourname_ ASAP for the situations when you really, well, can't relate. Share it and then sign off of social media.

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