A woman laughs at her phone while sitting on a couch in her apartment.
10 Funny IG Story Filters You Need To Send In The Group Chat ASAP

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When you first saw one of your followers post a video on their Instagram story with a filter on it, you might've thought, "What's this?" Now, you're saving every nifty effect you can find and tracking down funny Instagram story filters to send in a group chat.

From the filters that interact with you, figuring out what character from The Office you are, or who your cartoon parents are, to the ones who put a dancing Shrek on your couch, you're trying them all. You're asking the app to determine what Pokémon you are, and which contestant you look like from The Bachelor, even if you didn't watch the season. In return, the app is scanning your face and giving you a reason to laugh or look totally shocked on camera.

The best part? As time goes on, even more of these straight-up hilarious story filters are being created. Instagram users and lovers keep bringing wild and quizzing concepts to life, and uploading them for you to use. In the past few weeks alone, you might have recorded a cat walking on a pink doughnut around your room or your face as the pit of an avocado. Here are 10 story filters like that, that you'll want to try and then send in a group chat.

mood by @anastasia_kochetkova

The first of these filters is meant to be used when you're in a specific #mood. Maybe you're cuddled up by a bonfire, or you're waiting for your crush to text you back and rolling your eyes. mood by @anastasia_kochetkova will make every moment a little aesthetically pleasing and get your besties to slide into your DMs and say, "Same."

A Field Day by @anonamister

It'll always be summer in your Instagram stories if you decide to use A Field Day by @anonamister. That's because this filter dances your face through a field of yellow flowers, giving you and your besties a solid reason to giggle. Record a video with this one ASAP.

This is fine by @nirougi

You and your besties' favorite memes can come to life in your Instagram stories, including the one where the dog is sitting in a room saying, "This is fine. Everything's fine." The only catch? The This is fine filter by @nirougi turns you into the dog. That's fine, right?

Unstable by @oleg.pashkovsky

Some of the best filters just make your face look a little silly. Unstable by @oleg.pashkovsky is one of these filters, swirling your eyes and nose around in all different directions. Save and use this effect and you're bound to get a few laughs or happy responses.

Shrek by @huviart

If you and your besties are obsessed with all things related to Shrek, then you need to have this effect saved. The Shrek filter by @huviart puts your favorite ogre on anything, and has lots of options for you to tap through. You can make Shrek dance, hula, or lounge on the couch with you. (Um, score!)

PARENTS by @ma._spamm

Do you know who your cartoon parents are? If not, then you have to save the PARENTS effect by @ma._spamm. This filter scans your face and then determines if you're the offspring of Patrick Star, Lisa Simpson, or Peter Griffin. Try it a few times to see who you get.

SUN BABY by @mas.bruh

SUN BABY by @mas.bruh will make you glow brighter than the actual sun on Instagram. It puts you into the whimsical world of Teletubbies, and makes your face the center of this magical star in the sky. Raise your eyebrows and the sun will set, and your besties will laugh from the other side of the screen.

Un hombre soy by @sofigoijman

Calling all fans of SpongeBob SquarePants. The Un hombre soy effect by @sofigoijman is for you. It gives you a mustache made of kelp, like Patrick's from one of your favorite episodes. Use it on the reg to make your besties laugh and to turn yourself into a character from Bikini Bottom.

Pizza Crown by

Ordering pizza is your crew's jam, so downloading this Pizza Crown effect by is only right. It dubs you the queen of cheese, sauce, and delicious toppings... and it serves as a great reminder that you should order a pie, like, ASAP.

Sprinkles the cat by

Last but not least, doughnuts and cats combine in one of the best effects that Instagram stories has ever seen: Sprinkles the cat by This effect puts a feline on a frosted treat and walks it around your apartment or on top of your head. It'll be a big hit in the group chat for sure.