10 Stunning Instagram Story Filters You Can't Sleep On This Spring

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If you're dialed into the digital world and all things related to Instagram, then you likely already have a couple of preset packs on your phone you use on the reg. They make every tap of the "share" button more exciting and elevated. But now it's time to put story filters on your radar and get the Instagram story filters for spring 2020 that'll upgrade your snaps to come.

Unlike presets, these filters are built right into your app and can be used by simply tapping "Save Effect" on your screen. They work very similarly to a typical filter, changing the colors, highlights, and shadows in a snap or video clip to be more balanced and obtain a certain # look. You might have already seen your best friends using them in their stories, or a note from some of your favorite influencers saying they've created their own that totally matches the style of their feed. In your head, you might have thought, "How do these work?" Now, you know the basics and are ready to embrace your creative side and join in on the fun.

It's about time that you start taking advantage of the multitude of story filters that are out there, and making your on-the-go pics look stunning. Here are 10 that should be on your radar for this upcoming spring. Don't sleep on them or the ~artsy~ possibilities.

RENEGADE by @bryant

The first of these filters is called RENEGADE, and is made by talented photographer, @bryant. It adds a light dust effect to every snap and brightens your story photos so they always appear sunny. Download it for those chilly spring days that are begging to be summer-like.

CINEMA STORIES 7 by @ruzaone

If you've ever wished you could turn your phone into an old-school camera, then look no further than this filter from @ruzaone. CINEMA STORIES 7 adds the outlining details of a vintage camera to your frame for a cozy feel. Use it on a video to really bring out its best features.

Boho Filters by @janmahavan

Sometimes it's nice to have many different options in one spot when you're working with filters. That's where Boho Filters by @janmahavan come in. This story filter has several settings you can use based on how warm you want your pic to look. There's even a black and white option.

PINK PRESET 2 by @marinabraunnn

There's something about the springtime that makes everything feel so lovely. It's like the world is painted a shade of pink, very similarly to PINK PRESET 2 by @marinabraunnn. Use this filter to make any moment look more rosey in real time.

Moody Up by @carmushka

Does your life sometimes feel like it could be in a dreamy magazine or catalog? If you answered "yes," then you need to save Moody Up by @carmushka. This filter will bring any adventure or chill afternoon to life, and make you feel like you're living in Vogue.

CIAO BELLA by @katrinascott

Dust effects come to life in CIAO BELLA by @katrinascott. This story filter — which has two settings you can choose from — would be perfect for your next trip to Italy or the coastline. Your new memories would be captured in pure bliss.

Almond Milk by @ellesuko

Have you checked out the best presets from @ellesuko yet? If not, what are you waiting for? They're named after the tastiest flavors and ingredients like cinammon, chai, and almond milk. And now, they come in a story filter version — this one titled Almond Milk — for you to enjoy.

TF:vintage by @tyfrench

Making your pics look vintage is the trend right now on social media. It's what likely made you want to get into editing and purchase various preset packs. Enter, TF:vintage by @tyfrench. It doesn't get more styled, chicer, and trendier than this filter and all it can do.

honeysuckle by @aliviafields

Some people walk outside on a spring day and think, "Summer is on its way." It's true. The long days filled with sunsets and a ton of s'mores are coming. But until then, there's honeysuckle by @aliviafields to make every space feel warm, inviting, and golden hour-like.

A4 Filter by @thaifurtado

Grain reaches a whole new level with A4 Filter by @thaifurtado. Simply put, this filter makes every moment a little less precise — giving your photos a sense of atmosphere and romance. It's perfect for snaps of bae or capturing your coffee on a spring morning.

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