A group of friends poses for a beach selfie on the sand.
10 Non-Cliché Beach Trips For Spring Break & Feeling Happy As A Clam

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The forecast might be calling for rain or snow, but that's not stopping you from texting two words in the group chat: spring break. As far as you're concerned, the summer weather is right around the corner, along with palm trees and peach-flavored drinks. It's only right that you book one of these 2020 spring break beach trips and get your crew into #vacationmode.

When that dreamy week comes around, it's necessary that you don't waste a minute pacing around your apartment, scrolling through a bunch of travel guides and Airbnb listings. Before you know it, break will be over and you'll be sitting in your 8 a.m. classes again, dreaming about the next opportunity you'll have to go on a trip or lay in the sun. In those moments, you might wish you splurged on a plane ticket to Greece or a lovely island in the heat of the Caribbean.

Do your future self a favor, and go ahead and book your dream vacation so you aren't asking yourself later on, "Why didn't I go to the beach?" If you're not entirely sure where to go, but want your spring break to be a beachy getaway, then go on one of these 2020 spring break trips.

Mallorca (Majorca), Spain
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The first of these beach destinations for spring break is Mallorca, Spain. This island is known for its stunning beaches and sunshine that'll make any vacation feel like a movie. If you decide to travel here, spend your days relaxing in a villa or reading for pleasure.

Santa Monica, California

If you and your crew have always dreamed about taking a road trip down the West Coast, then take a spring break trip to Santa Monica, California. You can cruise down a boardwalk on a skateboard, take pictures with palm trees, and chill on the beach with your BFFs.

Nice, France

Is the French Riviera on your radar yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Nice, in particular, is a sight to see this spring break and will treat you to picturesque #views and balcony breakfasts. Pose with the fresh flowers at the markets and colorful sunsets to prove you were there.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Do yourself a favor and use this spring break to check an item off your bucket list. Hop on a flight to Dubrovnik, Croatia, where you can walk through city walls and forts and get a little sun-kissed. A good pair of shoes and a bathing suit? Required.

Saint Lucia
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The Caribbean is calling. After packing a bag with essentials like sunscreen and flip flops, you should hop on a plane to Saint Lucia where you can immerse yourself in island life. Be sure to go sailing for an afternoon or check out iconic landmarks nearby.

Sarasota, Florida

Going on an epic spring break doesn't always require a long flight to the other side of the world. Enter, Sarasota, Florida. This city has a major mall and many beaches for when you need some vitamin sea. Check into a luxe resort or stay with family if you have some in the area.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Resorts have tons of perks, and if you go to Cabo San Lucas, you'll be treated to Instagram-worthy pools and palm trees. Not to mention, this spot is made for paddle-boarding, surfing, snorkeling, and all kinds of water excursions. You and your BFFs will never be bored on your spring break.

Anna Maria Island, Florida

Anna Maria Island is an underrated spot for spring break. Based between Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, it's made for vacationers who are looking for sandy beaches and chill mornings. Spend a week here and let the waves wash the stress of your semester away so you can hit the ground running when you get back to campus.

Monterosso Al Mare, Italy
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Every beach in Italy is worth checking out, but for spring break, you'll want to head straight to Monterosso al Mare. This beach town, based in Cinque Terre, has places where you can grab fresh paninis and pizza, and it's only a train ride away from Florence.

Paros, Greece

Odds are, when you've thought about spring break, Santorini and Mykonos have come to mind. But there are other islands in Greece you need to consider, including Paros. This island is slightly off the beaten path, but still has white houses stacked on each other and all kinds of dreamy #views. Book a trip and get into #vacationmode.