A young woman stands in front of the "Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas" sign while on a summery trip.
10 Winter Trips Every Leo Should Take That'll Speak To Their Summer Soul
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Being a summer baby in the winter can be difficult because you can't necessarily wake up, throw on your favorite one-piece bathing suit, and head to the beach. In fact, if you want a dose of sunshine and #lit vibes, you have to travel and go on the very best winter trips for Leos. Although these trips might require purchasing a plane ticket or dipping into your savings account, it's alright. They speak to every part of your lion soul and let you escape from the snow and cold.

Especially when the forecast reads below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it's ideal to have a suitcase in your hand and be hopping in a car on the way to the airport. Although your Aquarius and Pisces besties might thrive this time of the year — cuddling up on their couches and catching up on the latest shows on Netflix and album drops — the shorter days might make you feel, well, depleted.

They might make you crave adventure more than ever before, and the June and July days where your feet are sandy, your hair is beachy, and you're socializing with everyone. For that reason, you have to plan the best winter trips for Leos and get out of town. Here are 10 that'll speak to your summer lovin' soul.

A Weekend Getaway At A Luxe Hotel In Las Vegas
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The first of these trips will take you to the legendary city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Known for its neon lights, casinos, shows, pool parties, and luxurious hotels, this destination will be the prime spot for a Leo who's looking for a fun weekend with their besties. Check into a chic suite with amazing #views of the desert and strip, and be sure to pack some fancy outfits. You never know where Saturday night could take you.

A Relaxing And Authentic Stay In Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Leos are typically passionate and adventurous people. They love bright colors, soaking in #vacay vibes, and exploring new places with friends. If that sounds like you, then book a ticket to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico for a tropical getaway that's very relaxing and authentic. According to, it's a prime spot to go salsa dancing and check out art galleries.

A Vibrant Vacation In Tokyo, Japan

If you're a Leo and Tokyo, Japan isn't on your radar yet — well, what are you waiting for? This location should be all over your Instagram feed, thanks to the travel bloggers you follow. From the Tokyo Tower to the beautiful temples like Sensoji, it's one city that's worthy of being on your bucket list, and revisiting time and time again.

An Adventurous Trip To Ubud Monkey Forest In Bali
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You won't want to sleep on an adventurous trip to Bali this winter, where you can visit the Ubud Monkey Forest and see these gorgeous creatures up close and personal. In fact, you'll want to buy a first class plane ticket to this mesmerizing spot, stay in a romantic villa, eat fresh fruit, and live your #bestlife.

A Sun-Drenched Retreat To A Resort In Tulum, Mexico

Seriously, Leos can't seem to get enough of the sun. And that's why you should head straight for a summery resort in Tulum, Mexico this winter. Escape the snow and wander into stunning spas and salty waves. The more palm trees, the better.

A Jungle-Inspired Itinerary In Costa Rica

Vacations take a new form with Leos. Typically, they aren't just simple getaways to one town over; they're eye-opening and epic excursions that can be talked about for decades to come. A jungle-inspired itinerary in Costa Rica — complete with zip-lining, rainforest hikes, and horseback riding — will be the best winter trip for you. Bring friends along to take this trip to new heights, and let your lion soul roar.

An Artsy Excursion To Austin, Texas
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The heat and the art are both very real in Austin, Texas. This city has over 250 music venues alone, according to Head there this winter to catch your favorite band play, do some painting, and try some breakfast tacos. It'll be the trip you so badly want to take and absolutely deserve.

A Budget-Friendly Beach Trip With Your SO

As much as you want to travel this winter, it might also be your goal to save money. Maybe there's an expensive item you want to buy, or another trip you're saving up for. That's all well and good. Simply opt for a budget-friendly beach vacation with bae.

Rent a cute cottage on whichever coast you please, and spend a weekend making s'mores by a campfire. The fire sign in you will love having this time to reconnect with your heart and be in the moment.

A Wintry Escape In The Mountains Of Breckenridge, Colorado

Although winter activities might not be a Leo's jam, a chilly and outdoorsy escape to the mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado might be in your wheelhouse. This city gets really busy during the winter months with skiiers, snowboarders, and travelers all rushing to the trails. You'll enjoy the company and the endless things you can do despite the snowy weather.

A Sweet Staycation In Brooklyn, New York

Last but not least, my dear Leo, take a sweet staycation in the borough of Brooklyn this winter. Although the weather of this area might not speak to your summer soul, the elaborate street art and eateries definitely will. You might leave this little staycation feeling inspired to whip up something new and exciting in your kitchen, or move to another city. And in true Leo fashion, you'll likely leave it with a few new friends.