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The Best Preset Packs For Winter Will Level Up Your Instagram Feed

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I've seen travelers, creatives, and photographers on social media say one should romanticize every part of life. The way your coffee looks in the morning when you've first poured milk in it, and the long train rides to work that serve as your "me" time? Included. You should put that rose-colored filter on everyday life, which if you think about it, is what editing and the Instagram preset packs for winter 2020 tend to do best.

They make ordinary moments, blurry mirror selfies, and the pics in your camera roll look like a masterpiece. The well-thought-out way they pick up on the blues in the sky or a pile of snow and turn them into a dreamy shade of purple is straight-up magical. Their effect is so great, you can't help but open up the Lightroom app on your phone every time you want to post something to your Instagram stories or feed.

Purchase and download them, and showing your BFFs before and after versions of your pics will likely become your norm. You'll find your social media has leveled up and romanticized the adventurous, simple, and blissful moments in life that are all worth gushing over. Here are the five preset packs that should really be on your radar and phone RN.

Kaydargs Lightroom Preset Pack 1

First up is a preset pack that's made for making every picture look dreamy, warm, and a little vintage. Created by the talented Kaytlin Dargen (@kaydargs on Instagram), the pack consists of three different edits you can use in different lighting, adventure, or business-related scenarios. The Lightroom Preset Pack 1 ($25, will produce the most epic results on your feed.

Fika Mobile Preset Pack By Elle Suko

The Fika Mobile Preset Pack by Elle Suko ($15, features presets that are designed to put a pause on the moments of your life and make them feel like a snapshot from a grand movie. The best part? The presets in this pack are conveniently named after flavors you may enjoy in the winter, including: chai, cinnamon, almond milk, and vanilla.

Jaci Marie Fall + Winter Mobile Preset Pack

The Jaci Marie Fall + Winter Mobile Preset Pack ($55, is essentially as easy and cool as it gets when it comes to presets. With just a few taps within Lightroom, you'll have a photograph that's bright and has gorgeous highlights that are golden hour-esque. Use this pack for your trips to the wintry cities and towns in the U.S. this season.

Zoelaz Vintage Mobile Presets

Vintage-looking edits will never go out of style. They're classic and make pics look like they were taken on an iconic camera from the '70s. You could try and do these edits yourself, or you could purchase the Zoelaz Vintage Mobile Presets ($50, These presets will make vibrant colors look softer, and even turn some selfies or sweet candids into black and white dreams.

Apricity Presets By Alivia Fields

Not everyone is super thrilled about the chilliness that comes with winter and bundling up in the biggest blanket scarves. For those people, there's an orange-infused preset pack that'll bring warmth and summer vibes to every pic.

The Apricity Presets by Alivia Fields ($35, were created with "the warmth of sun in the winter" in mind, and are golden and glowing to their core. Purchase and download them to level up your Instagram feed.