The 5 Best Photo Editing Apps For 2019 Are Here & Ready To Make Your Insta Shine

New year, new editing apps. This year, you might have made one of your resolutions to take more pictures. You want to capture #artsy selfies and all the angles of your coffee in the morning. Then, you want to edit those pictures for social media, and create a feed that looks like an influencer's. Take it from me, the girl who has tried and used just about every editing app on the market: It's time you say goodbye to the same 'ole filters that you've been using, and make some room on your phone for the vintage film cameras and latest preset packs. The best photo editing apps for 2019 are here and ready to make your Instagram shine.

The thing about these apps is that they make the editing process nice and easy. The features can really be used by anyone for any purpose — from someone who's looking to post a simple shot with friends, to an influencer who's trying to develop their own style and creative content for a brand.

With a simple slide of your finger against a bar, you can adjust the exposure or work with the light curves. You can apply filters that have already been built into the app, or natural effects, too. (Ever wonder how to get that dust and cracks on your pictures? The answers are all here, people!) Suddenly, the picture you took goes from average to next level. All it takes is downloading these five editing apps for 2019.

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom

First things first: Let's talk about Adobe Lightroom. This app is my go-to and available for free as a mobile version. It has the most detailed and enhanced features, and is built for those who are looking to get a particularly artsy 'Gram going in the new year.

You can fine-tune your image by changing the hues of certain colors, and luminance of others. You can also spend hours (I'm not even kidding.) going between the different tones and adjusting your highlights and shadows to be just right. When you feel like you're finished, you can then save your edit as a preset and apply it to another photo later on.

Don't want to do all that work? Simply purchase a preset pack and download it into the app. It's the number one way to create a consistent feed.

Huji Cam
love always marisa

Next up is Huji Cam. This app came on the scene a little while ago, but it's still one of the best to download if you want your Instagram to shine. It fills your feed with vintage and nostalgic-looking posts, adding a light leak and time stamp to every shot.

There is one catch, though: You take your photos right in the app, as opposed to uploading and editing them from your camera roll.

At first, this may seem a little inconvenient. But, it's actually really fun and adds to the overall experience. The app turns your phone screen into an old-school disposable camera, making you feel super nostalgic. It also does all the editing work for you. So, just snap away!

Afterlight 2
Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2 is going to make a big splash in your life and Instagram routines. Up until now, you may have been using presets or finding cool effects elsewhere. You've been uploading your pictures into one app to get the right colors and lighting, and another to add text or grain.

But, that's about to change once you download this editing app for the new year. Everything is in one place, from the dust and cracks, to the bars for exposure and other details.

Go between the menus and scope out all the different features, before you settle on one editing style. There's so much you can do, and it's worth messing around with the options for a little while and then hitting "save."


As far as I'm concerned, you can always use some more filters in your life. And as much as I love working with my own presets and adjusting individual colors and sections of lighting in a photo, sometimes it's just easier to take a snap of your breakfast and have it edited in one tap. You can hit upload and then save within seconds of each other.

That's where InShot comes in. This editing app is going to help you check off two resolutions that you have for the new year: take more pictures and disconnect from your screens a bit. With tons of options of quality filters and effects, it's easy to use and makes the whole process a breeze.


Last but not least is an editing app that isn't quite like the others. Unfold is all about creating "stories."

Start by picking a few photos that you want to work with — preferably ones with a similar vibe or setting. Then, pick a layout or frame from the packs in this app and create, create, create. Think outside of the box, and zoom in on certain parts of each picture, and add text where you see fit.