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Airbnb's Top 20 Destinations For 2020 Are Here, So Get Ready To Jet-Set


If you look at the forecast for next year, you may see a 100% chance of traveling on your radar. The map might be highlighted in certain spots where content creators, influencers, and friends are planning to jet-set to. You may even see Airbnb's trending destinations for 2020 travel that are so rad and awaiting your arrival.

You may see glimpses of the beautiful beaches of Australia, and pastel-colored buildings that line the streets of Spain, too. In that moment, your wanderlust may kick in and make you feel totally inspired to grab your laptop and start researching things to do and see in those dreamy areas. As you navigate travel guides, you'll begin thinking about what you want to pack for 10 or so days in another country, or when to buy a plane ticket so it doesn't break the bank.

While you scroll through itineraries and travel-related Pinterest boards, you also may think, "Is it already time to book my trips for 2020?" Believe it or not, it is — and you're off to an epic start. The only info you still need to know is what 2020's trending destinations are, according to Airbnb.

These 20 destinations will be the ultimate additions to your bucket list. They'll give you a chance to participate in sustainable tourism, and immerse yourself in another country's culture in the most authentic way. Some are located in the United States, while others require a flight to the other side of the world. According to the official press release via Airbnb's Newsroom, some of the spots on the list are making an impact on travelers because they're preparing for major events you'll want to be part of.


These top 20 destinations for 2020 are:

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Bilbao, Spain
  • Buriram, Thailand
  • Sunbury, Victoria, Australia
  • Romania
  • Xi'an, China
  • Eugene, Oregon
  • Luxembourg
  • Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Vanuatu
  • Cali, Colombia
  • Cape Canaveral, Florida
  • Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Courtenay, British Colombia, Canada
  • Ubatuba, Brazil
  • Les Contamines-Montjoie, France
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Kerala, India
  • Malindi, Kenya
  • and Maastricht, Netherlands

Airbnb discovered these were the top destinations around the world for next year by analyzing bookings made on the site for 2020, starting in September 2019, compared to those for 2019, starting in September 2018. Milwaukee showed a 729% increase in bookings, while Maastricht reported a 55% increase.


In Bilbao, Spain, you'll experience some of the most detailed architecture you've ever seen, and might decide to get tickets to a soccer game. In Xi'an, China, you'll see the picturesque nighttime markets and the buildings that look like miniature castles. Don't even get me started on the once-in-a-lifetime scuba diving classes and volcano hikes you can take in Vanuatu.

It's all very worthy of buying your plane ticket in advance and texting your travel buds to let them know it's time to jet-set. Check out the full press release for more information on each destination, and bon voyage.