Charli D'Amelio Made Her Late Night Debut & Taught Jimmy Fallon How To TikTok

NBC/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Jimmy Fallon is always up for a challenge. TikTok sensation Charli D'Amelio stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, March 10, where she broke down what kickstarted her popularity on the app and even gave Fallon a lesson in how to captivate an audience on the social media platform. This video of Charli D'Amelio teaching Jimmy Fallon TikTok dances is gold.

D'Amelio is known for her flawless dance moves and conquering the most viral TikTok challenges. In just one year, D'Amelio already has almost 35 million followers and almost all of her videos have millions of likes. Reminiscing about her success so far, D'Amelio told to Fallon that it was her simple "Move With Joy" duet video that first went viral and "kind of started it all." For all those who don't know about D'Amelio's past in dance, she explained:

I've been training in dance since I was 3. I actually started competing when I was 5. Dance has been a part of my life forever. There's videos of me dancing, like, before I could walk.

As for if D'Amelio has advice for those looking to grow their TikTok following, she said it's all about being "authentic." After D'Amelio spoke about her hope to use her platform to raise awareness about cyber bullying, it was time to dance.

In the two minute Teaching a Dad 8 TikTok Dances segment, D'Amelio doesn't miss a beat as she teaches Fallon eight viral TikTok dances: "Don't Start Now," "Say So, Get Up," "The Git Up," "Spooky Scary Skeleton," "Hard Times," "Get Busy," and "Oh Na Na Na," which Fallon joined her for. Check it out for yourself below.

I mean, Fallon slayed that last dance if I do say so myself. Behind the scenes, Fallon got in on the fun with D'Amelio and appeared in her "Famous Friend Check" video.

On Fallon's TikTok account, his video dancing with D'Amelio already has 2.5 million likes, more than any other videos on his page.

Whether or not Fallon will continue to post to his TikTok page remains unseen, but these videos of him dancing with D'Amelio are pure gold.