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12 Things To Do At Home That Aren’t On Your Phone & Are So Rewarding

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Sometimes, you need a break from your phone. You might find it refreshing to put your device in the other room and find things to do at home that aren't on your phone. In the past, you might have baked something sweet or used this time to talk with your roomie about their latest crush. Now, you're on the hunt for some fresh ideas to add to your "afternoon-at-home" bucket list.

Don't fret or start worrying that you're going to be bored without your phone. There's plenty to do in your space that doesn't require scrolling, tapping, sharing, or giving your thumb a workout. Some activities might be better with a buddy, which is where your roommate, adorable puppy, or significant other comes in. Others can give you a much-needed dose of peace and quiet — serenity you might not have had time for, since your schedule is usually very fast-paced.

No matter what the activity is, though, it doesn't require your phone. So put it in another room on the charger, or activate Do Not Disturb mode. Tell your friends, followers, and close family members you're signing off for the day, and then check these 12 items off your at-home bucket list.

Get A Start On Spring Cleaning
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If you're trying to ditch your phone for a bit, get a kickstart on spring cleaning. Pull out your dusters, vacuum attachments, and trash bags. Toss magazines you're never going to read in the recycle bin, and decide which clothes in your closets could be donated. It'll cleanse your soul.

Make A Nourishing Meal

Making a nourishing meal can be beneficial in so many ways. It may teach you how to use different ingredients, or utensils you have in your kitchen, but have rarely touched. This activity may also fuel your mind and body, as you look to conquer the world.

Play Board Games With Your Roomies

Board games can keep your crew entertained for hours. So, if you're having a lazy day at home and detoxing from the digital world, consider pulling out the Scrabble board or Monopoly. These games will make you laugh and smile, and don't require any screens.

Put Together New And Trendy Outfits

Have you been getting dressed lately and thinking, "Ugh, what should I wear?" If so, then take this extra time in your schedule to put together some outfits. See how you can pair the skirts, graphic tees, and jeans in your closet into new and exciting #looks. Your future self will thank you.

Spend Time With Your Pup
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Spending time with your pup is always a good idea — especially if you're trying to ditch your phone. There's nothing like this fluff ball to make you forget about your Instagram notifications and the latest trends on Twitter. Not to mention, they're always in for a game of fetch or cuddle sesh.

Take A Bubble Bath

Spoiler alert: Bubble baths are actually better when you don't have your phone in your hand. That's because you're present in the moment, and not distracted by the digital world. On your next afternoon at home, pour yourself some iced tea and soak in a bubble bath for as long as you like. No screens allowed.

Do Something Sweet For Your SO

Doing something sweet for someone else — especially someone you love — will always lift your spirits and make you feel like you spent your spare time well. Take advantage of this phone-free afternoon to show your partner some love in the form of an art project, handwritten note, original song, or baked good. They will truly love it.

Practice Your Mindfulness Routine

Mindfulness is the name of the game, no matter what time of the year it is or what's going on. During your phone-cation, find a comfortable spot to sit and let your brain find clarity and focus. Treat yourself to fresh juice or a cucumber water afterwards.

Read The Latest Issue Of A Magazine
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Before media went digital, everything was in print magazines. And if you still have subscriptions to Vogue and InStyle, then you may have some quality stories and interviews to catch up on. Waste no time during your afternoon at home, and ditch your phone for celeb gossip, lifestyle trends, and book reviews.

Paint Your Nails A Bright Color

Spring has basically sprung, which means it's time to change up your nail color. Turn your phone-free afternoon into a total spa sesh, and give yourself a manicure with a brightly-colored polish. Invite your roommates to join to make this activity even more fun and exciting.

Chill With Your Journal

If you've never journaled before, then you're in for a real treat when you decide to ditch your phone. This is such a creative activity because you get to write and fill a space with photos or things you love. Maybe you don't have much on your mind, and you just want to sketch a bit. That's OK. See where your journal sesh takes you.

Do Something Active In Your Backyard
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Last but not least, if you're hanging out at home and don't want to sit on your phone, get active outside. Put on your jacket and sit on the balcony of your apartment, or do yoga poses in your backyard. It'll leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

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