Cute Nail Studio in Austin, TX has a rainbow-colored exterior.

Every Inch Of This Rainbow-Painted Nail Salon Is Ready For A #Nailfie

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If you've ever taken a #nailfie for Instagram, then you know a few things are essential: a cute background, adorable props, and a brightly-colored manicure that'll stand out on your feed. Cute Nail Studio in Austin, TX is the place to go to check off every one of these items on your Instagram bucket list, and treat yourself to an afternoon of beauty in all its forms.

This studio lives up to its name through and through, with its rainbow-painted exterior and welcoming, inclusive vibes. From the moment you walk into its space, you'll feel right at home and inspired to try a very creative, blooming trend. According to the official press release, Cute Nail Studio is made for literally "anyone wanting to play around with different definitions of beauty." Whether you're in the market for a cuticle oil with glitter or pubic oil that's hydrating, vegan, and custom-made, they're the place to go.

The best part? This one-of-a-kind studio is offering their products online, so you don't necessarily have to fly to Texas to feel and look, as Lizzo would say, "good as hell." You can treat yourself from the comfort of your own city and get their goods delivered right to your front door. Here's the 411 on the products you can opt for — whether you go to their rainbow-loving studio in real life or hit "add to cart."

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First up, let's talk about Cute Nail Studio's nail lacquers. They're named after the iconic people in popular culture, movies, music, and more, and are the most electric shades. For example, there's the Becky which is a basic shade of pink, to match the basic-ness of a very lovable Becky. The Sparkle Pony is white and glittery, like the star pony in a collection of prize-winning horses. Artificial Banana might give off the vibes of a not-so-real piece of fruit, but will complement your outfits very well. Each of these lacquers can be purchased for only $10.

There are also whipped sugar body scrubs ($15) you might want to try in your apartment or in between activities in Austin. They're made with all kinds of lovely ingredients like babassu, almond, and jojoba oils. Of course, the scrubs also include biodegradable glitter that's Earth-friendly and ready to make you sparkle brighter than the stars in the night sky. Each of the scrubs comes with a fun name, like the nail lacquers, including: Princess Bubblegum, Malibu Fashion Doll, and Gamer Girl, amongst others.

Keira Hand Photography

In addition to these products, Cute Nail Studio also offers a wide range of oils and bath bombs. So whether you're treating a beard, your pubic hair, or your cuticles, you're using high-quality vegan goods that make you feel beautiful inside and out. To shop these products, head to the Cute Nail Studio website and put the items you want to try in your cart. Or head to the salon in Austin that's so ready for a #nailfie.

Seriously, have you seen a space that's as colorful and Instagram-worthy as this one? It's certainly hard to beat, with its brightly-painted exterior that would be perfect for a few pics. It might just be worth checking out in person, and buying a plane ticket to Austin, Texas.

After you get your treatment, head outside to take a few #nailfies, OK? The exterior of this salon is begging to be on social media, and it's really so cute — as its name suggests.

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