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These Sexy At-Home Date Ideas Are The Perf Excuse To Take Off Your Sweats

The spread of COVID-19 has disrupted the day-to-day lives of people all over the world. And while staying at home with your partner watching obscure Netflix shows in your free time can be fun for a few weeks, soon enough, you'll be craving sexy at-home date ideas to escape the monotony. According to Dr. Joshua Klapow, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and host of The Kurre and Klapow Show, couples need to start finding new ways to connect with their partners while homebound.

"The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic — including the restrictions, closures, and social distancing requirements — has not only changed the way we work, but it has changed the way we live our social and intimate lives," Klapow tells Elite Daily. "The mundane nature of being together for so many hours with no routine outlet for recreation (either together or apart) means that romance is likely to take a beating. Instead of waiting and hoping that this pandemic will end soon, couples should look at their current reality and work to re-establish romance in new ways."

According to Klapow, reinventing how you spend romantic time together can help keep your relationship from feeling stagnant. Here are some sensual date ideas that can feed your connection without leaving the house.

Have A Game Night With A Twist.

Whether you decide to modify the rules of an existing game (like Scrabble) to make up some "dirty" rules, or go for a sexy card game like strip poker, you can't go wrong. Naughty games are a great way to have fun and turn up the heat during a date night.

Give Each Other Sexy Massages.
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After a hectic day of working from home, exchanging massages can help you both let go of stress and physically connect. If you don't have massage oil, you can make some at home with a few basic ingredients.

Enjoy A Romantic Bubble Bath.

Light some candles and enjoy a glass of wine while you and your SO let a soothing bubble bath melt away some of your worries. Plus, what's sexier than being naked together in warm water?

Listen To An Erotic Story.

If the idea of cuddling up with your partner and listening to a sexy story sounds like fun, then it's time to download an erotic app, crack open a bottle vino, and get ready to be turned on.

Explore A Fantasy.

Why not put some of this extra at-home time to good use by delving into a sexual fantasy or role-play scenario? If you're not sure where to start, try asking your partner if there's anything new they'd like to try in the bedroom.

Slow Dance To Your Favorite Playlist.

If your nightly routine is boring you, it's time to put on your dancing shoes. Make a romantic playlist complete with your favorite oldies, dim the lights, and slow dance the night away.

Make A Sexy Bucket List.
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Have a mental list of sexy things you've been wanting to try, but haven't had the time? Well, now you've got nothing but. Whether it's watching porn together, having sex with the curtains open, ordering a sex bench à la Ashley and Cara (TBT), or all of the above, work your way down your sex bucket list. You'll have so much fun, you'll be through it before quarantine is over.

Plan A Surprise Striptease.

There's nothing more entertaining than watching your bae dance around in little to no clothing. Try surprising them with a sexy show to mix things up.

Make Dinner Together, Then Have Each Other For Dessert.

Even if your skills in the kitchen are limited, cooking together can be a ton of fun. Instead of making dessert, consider drizzling that chocolate syrup and whipped cream on each other instead.

Read Erotica Together.

Reading erotic stories to each other can be another fun way to get those sensual vibes going. There are tons of different sources for juicy content online or via erotica apps like Quinn.

Klapow urges couples to avoid comparing at-home dates to all of the things they're used to doing out and about. "The biggest hurdle is the psychological one because many couples will not look at a home-based date night as 'the same,'" says Klapow. "But a date night at home that you both embrace and are engaged in can be as romantic and helpful to the relationship as a date night out on the town." In this case, turning lemons into lemonade is key to staying positive and keeping your relationship solid.

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Dr. Joshua Klapow, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and host of The Kurre and Klapow Show