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10 Sex Moves To Try In Front Of A Mirror, For The Best View In The House


You know what they say, seeing is believing. Of course, when it comes to these 10 smoking hot sex moves to do in front of a mirror, you may not believe everything you see. Whether you sit your boo down and please them with your mouth, or turn to your side for a full-profile moment, doing the dirty in front a reflective surface will give you the best view in the house, guaranteed.

Getting it on in front of a mirror can allow you and you and your partner to see your bodies from all sorts of new angles. Of course, the most important part of any sexual encounter is getting clear on consent and boundaries before anything goes down. While breaking your sexual routine can be exciting, it's never OK to pressure someone into doing something they're not totally into. However, if you're on the same page and are both excited to get a new view of the sexy stuff, turning up the heat in front of a mirror can be like snagging a front row seat to your own private peep show.

If you need some inspiration, here are 10 full-frontal view positions to try in front of a mirror.

Handsy Stand

Don't worry — you're not literally going to do a handstand! Stand in front of a floor mirror, facing forward. Have your partner stand behind you, also facing the mirror, reaching around to finger you or stimulate you with a toy. This position lets you both stand close together as you look at yourselves while getting it on.

Downward Doggie

Take your mirror off the wall and place it on the floor. Get on all fours on top of the mirror, with your partner on their knees behind you. Have you partner either enter you with their penis or a strap-on or stimulate you with their fingers or toys. Setting your weight on your arms, you can lift your pelvis up for even deeper penetration. Being on top of the mirror will allow you to see the literal underbelly of your down-under and your belly.

Cowgirl Blues

Have your partner lie down on the floor or on the bed, facing upward. Then straddle them, resting on your knees. While riding your boo, they can enter you with their penis or a strap-on or stimulate you with their fingers or a toy. You can do this directly in front of a mirror or try it on your side to get a full profile view.

Sit & See

Pull up a chair in front of a mirror and take a seat. With your legs open wide, have your partner kneel in front of you, facing you, and perform oral sex while stimulating you with their fingers or toys. You'll get a full view of their rockin' bod as they're getting you off.


Have your partner lie down on the floor or bed, facing up. Straddle then while facing the other way (i.e., while looking at their feet). Your partner can prop their head and shoulders up with blankets or pillows, then stimulate your clitoris from behind with their hands. You can try this directly facing the mirror or on your side for a fuller view.

Bend It Over

Stand to your side, with your profile facing the mirror. Bend over like you're touching your toes (or if you can touch your toes, go off!) and have your partner stand behind you. Then your partner can enter you with their penis, fingers, or a sex toy. If you want to bring a chair or ottoman in front of you to place your weight and rest your arms, you can bend further for even deeper penetration.

Floor Mission

In front of a mirror, lie on your back with your legs up in the air or resting on your partner's shoulders. Your partner can then get on their knees and enter or stimulate you. Though you may both want to face the mirror directly, turning to your side will allow you to get a wider view.


Prop a mirror at the foot of the bed, then have your partner sit on the edge, with their feet on the floor. While straddling the bed from behind, you can reach around and stimulate them with your hands. You can both face the mirror, making eye contact as you get them off.

Self Serve

Stand side-by-side in front of a mirror with your boo and pleasure yourself with your hands or a toy. The mirror will allow you to make eye contact with each other as you're turning up the heat and can give you a sneak peek of what the other is up to.

Slow & Steady

What better way to build up the sexiness than a slow striptease? Standing next to each other, slowly strip down to your birthday suits. When you can't take the heat anymore, take your time exploring foreplay, savoring, and watching every minute.