If You're A Pisces, Astrologers Say You'll Love These 4 Sex Positions

The phrase, "last, but not least" was perhaps invented to describe dreamy Pisces. The 12th and last sign of the zodiac, water sign Pisces is literally represented by fish — specifically, two fish that kind of look like they're in a compromising position. Pisces are sultry, imaginative, and known for their intuition — mentally and physically. It's no wonder then that the sex positions Pisceans will love are totally hot, while still incredibly in tune with their partner(s)' needs.

"Pisces is represented by two fish. They are a water element and with Neptune as their ruler, they can be romantic, steamy, and passively seductive," astrologer Cindy Mckean tells Elite Daily. "Sex in the shower, pool, sea, bathtub merges well with the Piscean soul." Getting it on in their natural element, incorporating some literal fluidity may make Piscean sex better than ever.

For astrologer Lisa Stardust, the 12th sign may really get into fantasy. "Pisces are into intrigue and fantasy, thus making them more inclined to role play, and enjoy fun games and pegging in bed. They will do anything to please their partner," Stardust says.

If you or your boo is a dreamy Pisces queen, here are four moves that may send you both upstream.


Aforementioned, Pisces are symbolized by two fish lying head to, well, tail fin. In human form, that may make for some serious 69 action. "Pisces may enjoy the 69 position. The glyph for Pisces is two fish bound together yet who swim in opposite direction," Linda Furiate, consulting astrologer specializing in addictive behavior and relationships tells Elite Daily. "When Pisces is fully engaged they want to feel deeply and to be completely engulfed by their surroundings." Interacting with their partner(s) in opposite directions may allow the dreamy fish to feel truly engaged.

The Jellyfish

This zapping membrane is to be avoided at all costs. When it comes to getting it on as a Pisces, "The Jellyfish" may really hit the spot. To perform The Jellyfish, the penetrating partner kneels in the middle of the bed or on the floor, and lifts their back straight. The receiving partner then, also on knees intertwines their legs and arms with the penetrating partner. "This position is a very good way for Pisces to strengthen love making, as it enables them to feel and touch their partner more—leaving no room for the imagination, just full on enjoyment and closeness, which will serve to keep illusive Pisces close and connected to their partners during sex," Stardust says. This position can be modified to a lying down position as well, like a modified missionary with legs and arms intertwine.

The Seahorse

Traditionally practiced in or around a literal body of water, the seahorse is similar to a lying down reverse cowgirl, but perhaps in the tub (if you don't own your own private island that you can legally and publicly have sex on, that is). The receiving partner lies down on their back, extending their legs, sitting up, the receiving partner squats down over the penetrating partner, facing the penetrating partner's legs. With the water under and around, the receiving partner can move up and down the penetrating partner. "For the more advanced, this will stimulate the watery and mystical senses of Pisces, as they are underwater splashing around like fish," Stardust says. "Also, it allows for extra sexual arousal as well, stimulating the senses." With the extra arousal, The Seahorse makes for a super wet and wild time.

Really — Anything

When it comes down to it, Pisces love making their partner(s) feel good, while keeping their sex lives dynamic. Although active and enthusiastic consent and talking to your partner(s) before trying a new move is paramount in getting it on, Pisces may be into trying all sorts of moves. "Neptune helps bestow Pisces with the ability to willingly sacrifice for their partner. They would likely be willing to try most positions their partner wants," Mckean says. "Pisces also don't enjoy stagnation so keeping things dynamic when making love will be more comfortable for a Pisces." Keeping it fresh and fun, the best sex for Pisces may mean trying new things.

Of course, astrology isn't a determining factor for anyone's sex life. Pisces or not, if these moves seem hot to you — they may be great for you. And if they don't seem like your thing, it's OK to give them a big, "thank u, next." When it comes to finding the best sex moves for any sign, all that matters is consent and comfortability.