3 Sex Positions Geminis Need To Try ASAP For A Starry Night

Geminis are rather enigmatic signs. As air signs with an infamous "duality" to their personalities, they can be unpredictable and aloof. Though they do get a lot of bad press, this sun sign tends to be more misunderstood that anything else. Consider yourself lucky if a Gemini considers you an important person in your life, and watch your back if you're on a Gemini's sh*tlist. Either way, if a Gemini wants to impress you, it's likely you're about to be floored. There are some sex positions for Geminis that could be particularly mind-blowing. Geminis are familiar with their strengths and should definitely play to them.

Geminis are misunderstood beings for a lot of reasons. It's partly because they have a duality to their sign, meaning they can change and chameleon pretty easily based on their surroundings, who they're with, and what's expected of them. Geminis are loving people and perfectionists in a way. They aren't rule-bound perfectionists like Capricorns, but instead, they are perfectionists by their own strict standards for themselves. Geminis want to be the best at what they set their mind to or they don't want to attempt the task at all. To have some really hot Gemini sex, there should be an element of challenge and a chance to thrive in the spotlight for the Gemini in question. That way, they can feel like they will be appreciated for their effort to excel at the task at hand.

The following sex positions could be great for you to try if you're a Gemini because they give you a chance to play into your natural ability to "wow" others. They also have an element of pleasure to them, because Geminis never pass up the chance to have a great time. If you're intrigued about the positions that could play to a Gemini's strengths, check out the following positions.

Go with a classic.


In the words of the great Avril Lavigne, could it be any more obvious? 69 is basically the literal zodiac symbol for Geminis. This is a great sign to play into this sign's innate duality and to really be one half of a whole — even it's just during sex. This position is about simultaneous oral sex between two partners and it's named after the way the 6 and the 9 are similar symbols facing each other upside down. This position takes a bit of skill to master, so it's OK if it doesn't start off super smoothly.

The idea of this is to get in tune with a partner during sex. A way to level up this position could be trying a 69 where someone is on their knees on top of the other instead of the typical style of laying side by side.

Get a little rough.

Doggy style with a whole lot of hair-pulling.

Geminis can be hella dominant, but that doesn't mean they can't be submissive during sex and really steal the show. A great position that a Gemini could really pull off well is doing doggy-style with a partner and having them pull their hair. This not only makes the Gemini the center of attention, but they will likely work the spotlight really well. The intensity of this position can be leveled up by tying their hands behind their back.

Don't be afraid to be a show-off.

An extra-sexy strip-tease.

Something that a Gemini is good at is being the center of attention and pleasuring others. Doing these simultaneously is a great plan for some really great sex. To do this, consider strip-teasing for your partner and then going down on them. The goal here is to make them feel, well, amazing in addition to proving your true level of expertise when it comes to being sexy AF.

At the end of the day, Geminis excel at what they truly want to do well. Find the thing they want to excel at can be challenging because they are curious air signs that don't always have a grasp on one idea or goal. Hopefully these position suggestions inspire Geminis everywhere to go after what they want in and out of the bedroom.