Here's The Sex Move You Need To Try On Valentine's Day, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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I don't think it's an accident that people conceived on or around Valentine's Day become Scorpios. And speaking of Valentine's Day sex, there are plenty of options for getting busy on the holiday dedicated to all things romance, love, and intimacy. Why not try a Valentine's Day sex position that's specifically tailored to your zodiac sign or your partner's? Or, for a really wild night, both? It might just be the thing you need to go from an amazing V-Day to an "ahhh"-mazing one. (Wink, wink.)

For astrologically optimal sex, considering taking your sign's element or your partner's sign's element into account. Fire signs will want to find a balance between their caring nature and need for asserting independence. Water signs want to feel connected to their partner while also feeling, like, really good. Air signs thrive on pacing the encounter just right, letting the mood of the hookup dictate the flow of the night. And last but not least, earth signs love sex that toe the line between a powerfully grounding experience and a night of passion. For more about getting down and dirty, check out the suggestions below — either for your sign or your sweetie's.

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Hold your partner against a wall.

Aries, it's time to show your partner the moves you've been hiding up your sleeve. This move is best done by picking your partner up, pushing them against the wall, and continuing to penetrate or being penetrated by them. If that wouldn't be feasible, they can stand and lean against the wall while you continue making out or stimulating them with your hand. This move is all about showing them that you can take control and that when you do, it's a pretty good time.


Grab your partner's hair and guide their mouth where you want it.

Taurus, it's well-known that you aren't shy about knowing what you want and how you want it. So why not channel that? This sex move is super powerful and hot. It's also a useful, creative move if your partner is going down on you and you want their attention somewhere else. Guide them to the right spot with a (gentle) hair pull. Just make sure that you check with your partner about hair-pulling beforehand in case that's not their thing.


Try a, like, really hot makeout sesh.

OK, hear me out, Gemini. So you're an intense individual, and, for you, sex is all about the atmosphere that you create with a partner. I challenge you to try for the literal best makeout sesh of your life. I'm talking a makeup-ruining, hair-messing, shirt-unbuttoning romp — but there's a catch. Limit yourself to only kissing without either of you trying to go any further. You like a challenge, Gemini, and I believe you'll surprise yourself by what you can accomplish with literally just kissing. When neither of you can handle just making out any longer, the sex is bound to be that much more amazing.

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Strip-tease! for! Your! Life!

Whenever anyone I know asks what a Cancer is like, I just tell them that Ariana Grande is a Cancer and they nod in understanding. For this Valentine's Day, Cancer, you should really lean into your penchant for being coy. Get the sexiest outfit you can conjure and make your partner want to basically rip it all off with the best strip-tease of your life. Don't be nervous, I believe in you and your ability to really make 'em drool — just channel your inner Ari. (You could even play "Dangerous Woman" while you strip.)

LEO (JULY 23 TO AUG. 22)

Get to the, ahem, bottom of things with your bae.

OK, so, Leos might be the most common sign to be natural leaders, politicians or public figures, but there's one place they prefer to not be in charge: the bedroom. It's time to lean into your submissive side this Valentine's Day, Leo. Whether you do this with your bae by picking out some handcuffs or bondage toys, or tell them that they have full control, you're bound (pun intended) to have a great time.


Take control.

Virgo, get ready to combine all your favorite things: being in total control, excelling at your talents, and flawlessly meeting everyone's needs. That's right. Enjoy the view from the top, whether you're in the mood for penetration, stimulation, or teasing your partner with a sex toy.


Drive highway 69 all the way home.

Libra, as someone that loves to see both sides, I think that you'll love 69-ing your way to climax with your partner this Valentine's Day. Not only does it mean that both of you are giving and receiving, which is great Valentine's Day tradition, but you'll also feel super sexy while doing so.

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Try a massage candle.

Scorpio, I am surprised that you're still reading this after that burn earlier, but I was totally kidding! For you, I recommend picking up a massage candle to set the atmosphere with your partner before some really steamy V-Day sex. You can both massage each other, fill your room with a sexy aroma, and have sex by candlelight. What could be spicier than that? If you've never picked up one of these before, consider the Ignite Me massage candles ($12) from the sex toy store Good Vibrations.


Get spontaneous.

Sagittarius, this Valentine's Day is all about leaning into what you love most and for you that is allowing yourself to give in to exactly what you want when you want it. If you and your bae have a nice, romantic Valentine's Day dinner planned at home, this could mean that you might end up clearing the table in a hurry to have sex literally on the table. Or, if you're having dinner at a restaurant, maybe that means that you quietly slip into the single room restroom for an impromptu hookup. Whatever you end up doing, don't hold back, Sag. You deserve to indulge your desires completely.


Get into some role-playing.

Capricorn, it's time to let your hair down. This Valentine's Day is your chance to act out one of your secret sexual fantasies. To do this, just talk to your partner about what you've been wanting to try and, if their down, make a plan about how you'll execute it. If that's going to a bar separately and pretending to meet as strangers, so be it. If that's about picking out some really hot lingerie for each other, don't be afraid to think outside the box this V-Day. It's bound to be a great time.


Bring on the blindfold.

Aquarius, sometimes you can feel a bit distant from others, so I'm going to encourage you to get a little forward this Valentine's Day. First of all, this sex move is all about taking control and making it all about your partner. If they want to, blindfold them and ask them to direct you towards whatever they want to do. Whether that's starting with oral, or having them direct your hands wherever they want them. Whatever you end up doing, they're bound to be wowed by your skills this V-Day.


Get a little, or a lot, rough.

Pisces, you're pretty good at sex because you're pretty good at being in tune with intimacy in all of its forms. Your sex move this Valentine's Day is to get a little rough. Of course, this means you should talk to your partner about limits and what's OK beforehand, but this could be really hot for you to explore how sex can be fun in different ways. Plus, after the fun and games are over, you can totally get serious with some affectionate sex, and the contrast of the two different moods could be satisfying.

Here's to hoping that your sex this Valentine's Day is, like, excellent regardless of your sign. And, hey, if you do your sex move and find that you still want more, try out your partner's sex move based on their sign too.

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