3 Saucy Sex Moves Every Virgo Should Try Tonight, Because YOLO

Saying that Virgos are "smart" or "analytical" doesn't give them enough credit. Virgos are clever as the devil and twice as pretty. They're always the smartest people in the room. Sometimes, people come in contact with their no-nonsense, analytical nature and write them off as unemotional. But Virgos show how much they care in other ways. When it comes to sex positions for Virgos, the ones that are gonna satisfy them the most are the ones that have to do with their strong work ethic and desire to learn. Because a Virgo's knack for knowledge? They'd be hard-pressed not to put that big ol' Virgo brain and that sparkling Virgo ambition to good use.

Virgos make ideal partners. They're going to remember all your dirty little kinks and indulge them accordingly if they're comfortable with them. Virgos are the type of the sign to low-key spend hours reading up about fetishes or watching Dr. Lindsey Doe's Sexplanations on YouTube brushing up on how to please you. Despite the Virgo's characterization as the virginal sign — virginity is social construct, anyway! — a Virgo's freak flag is always four, five seconds from flying. Here are three thoughtfully dirty sex positions a Virgo is bound to love.

Classic doggy style
Guille Faingold / Stocksy

Virgos and doggy style are a match made in heaven. There's something inherently dirty about doggy style that ruffles a Virgo's polite sensibilities and therefore, excites them. Maybe it's because you and your partner aren't face-to-face, so there's no equivocation that this is a tender, heart-eye emoji moment. It's truly all about lust.

Bonus points to the Virgo that's a receiving partner and throws it back on their bae for an extra dirty touch. Virgos are quintessentially hardworking, after all. Or if you're a Virgo and the penetrating partner, hold your partners hips while you're thrusting for a better hold or (consensually) push their face into the mattress since you just love to exert control.

A standing doggy would tickle a Virgo's fancy. With walls, furniture, and shower situations to explore, a Virgo's innovative side could leap out. Either way, doing doggy style with a Virgo is definitely barking up the right tree.

On their knees to pleasure their partner
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Getting on their knees to pleasure their partner — either by sucking them off, going down on them or using a sex toy — is another heart-racing sex position for a Virgo. The thought that they've meticulously pleasured their partner and earned all A's in the bedroom? Virgos don't even need anything in return. That golden trophy of leaving their partner a whimpering mess is enough.

But don't get it twisted: Just because a Virgo is on their knees doesn't mean they're not topping. Kneeling at the edge of a couch, chair, or bed is the perfect position to sit back and watch their partner fall apart. They're still in control and there's a good chance, a few orgasms in, that their partner's not complaining.

Bent over or any position to get spanked
Alexey Kuzma / Stocksy

In the same way a position like doggy style would get a Virgo's blood pumping, so would anything a little BDSM-inspired. It would be an oversight not to include something kinky, especially since Virgos are only second to Scorpios as far as leather-bound and handcuffed desires go.

Since Virgos are always the ones in control, a truly spicy change of pace would be letting their partner take the reigns. Because Virgos love order and logic, being told they're "bad" and getting spanked for not following the rules would really get them going. Not paying enough attention to detail when organizing the groceries? Not crossing off all the errands on their neatly-written list in their planner? Break out the paddle! A bit of sexy punishment for a Virgo can go a long way.

The partner of a sign as sharp and intuitive as a Virgo is as lucky as they come. What better place for a Virgo to engage the left brain and the right brain than on their partner, in the bedroom? Be sure to establish a safeword and let the most delicious mind-games begin.