Rile Up Your Cancer Partner With One Of These 15 Sexts

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If you're dating a Cancer, congrats on snagging a big softie with a little bit of bite. Naturally, the sexts you send a Cancer should be dirty with an extra helping of tenderness. Cancer is a water sign, meaning they're emotionally intuitive, kind, and compassionate. The sign of the crab is a natural caretaker, which is why even a casual hookup with a Cancer feels like passionate lovemaking.

Even though they'll listen to your sexual desires intently and work to match your pace in the bedroom, Cancer's preferred vibe is affectionate and relaxed. Your Cancer lover might be the type to sprinkle playful banter into their generous foreplay or break up their sweet nothings wth gentle roasting.

To rile your Cancer partner up, infuse this caring energy into your sexts. Confused about how to balance mushy and filthy? Well, here are 15 sexts that are tailor-made for Cancers.

1. I can't wait to cuddle with you after I make you come.

2. I really want you to take care of me tonight. Could you do that for me, sweetheart? ☺️

3. I can't wait for us to go slow and explore each other's bodies tonight.

4. I'm so distracted imagining you rubbing massage oil on me.

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5. Guess who bought a new sex toy and wants to share it with you?

6. I'm getting wet / hard thinking about getting into the shower with you and lathering you up. 💦

7. TBH, I really want to snuggle with you naked tonight.

8. Just thinking about how good you feel in my mouth makes me tingle. 😛

9. FYI, I'm wearing your hoodie because I miss how you smell.

10. I can't stop thinking about taking my time later when I'm eating you out. 🤷🏾‍♀️

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11. How would you feel if I poured hot wax down your back and massaged it into your skin? 🕯

12. I can't wait for you to lay back and relax while I take care of you tonight.

13. Your wish is my command tonight. What do you want me to do? 😇

14. Want to take a hot bubble bath tonight after we make each other come a bunch of times?

15. I really want to tease you and make you beg for it. 😈

16. Can I tell you something that'll make you blush?

With a solid flirty-to-compassionate ratio, these sexts will have your crab-born lover scuttling over to your place ASAP.

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