Those dating a water sign should know they're incredibly intuitive
15 Very Important Things To Know About Dating A Water Sign


Not to brag, but I'm basically a water sign personified. I am a Scorpio to my core, and I am well aware that we water signs are #complex creatures. (Water signs are nothing if not self-aware.) Before you date a Pisces, Cancer, or one of my fellow Scorpios, there are a few things should know about the most emotive members of the zodiac. What's it like dating a water sign, you ask? It's basically like watching a rom-com: lots of ups-and-downs, plenty of overwrought romantic gestures, and a least a few instances of unnecessarily drama thrown in to keep things interesting.

Water signs are best known for their tendency to turn on the waterworks. They're also grudge holders, so if you betray them, you're going to have to wait awhile before it's all water under the bridge. And they definitely don't take criticism like water off a duck's back, so if you hurt their feelings, prepare to be in hot water. But Pisceans, Cancers, and Scorpios have plenty of wonderful qualities as well (if I do say so myself). If you think you're ready to test the waters and woo a water sign, here's everything you need to understand before taking the plunge.

They're Hopeless Romantics

If you're trying to win over the heart of a water sign, you'll need to bring your A-game. These signs are wildly passionate, so come prepared with flowers, chocolates, and maybe even a boombox you can hold above your head outside their window.

They're Incredibly Intuitive

Not to freak you out, but water signs can see into the depth of your soul. Because they feel everything deeply, they're sensitive to even the quietest of emotional shifts. They will probably know and understand why you're mad, sad, or glad before you even realize it yourself.

They're Prone To Mood Swings

Dating a water sign is a rollercoaster of emotions. The smallest slight can put these signs in a dark mood for hours, but don't worry — you can lift their spirits again just as easily.

They're Very Secretive

Secrets, secrets are no fun — unless you're a Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio. (Probably not if you're dating one of them, though.) Water signs may wear their heart on their sleeve, but they take pride in retaining an aura of mystery. Though they can see right through you, they tend to keep their own thoughts private.

They Like Feeling Safe And Secure

When it comes to signs of the zodiac who are eager to DTR, water signs take the cake. They would spend their entire life wrapped in a weighted blanket if they could, but being in a comfortable, committed relationship is the next best thing.

They're Always Down To Netflix And Chill

There's no need to take these signs out for a big night on the town. Water signs are homebodies, so their ideal date night involves sweatpants, movies, and lots of cuddling — not a crowded club.

They Consider Physical Intimacy An Emotional Experience

For water signs, it's a physical expression of love (and yes, that includes Scorpios). Don't expect these signs to hit it and quit it. Instead, expect a bed filled with rose petals, a dozen lit candles, and at least an hour of post-coital snuggling.

They're Sensitive To A Fault

If you prick a water sign, they don't just bleed — they gush. Pisceans, Cancers, and Scorpios bruise like peaches, so be careful what you say to one of them, because they're going to take it to heart.

They're Great Listeners

These signs aren't big talkers, but that just makes them excellent listeners. Whether you want to rant, rave, or make a heartfelt confession, a water sign will always be there to lend you their ear.

They Cry At The Drop Of A Hat

Big girls don't cry, but water signs sure do. They can't help it — they just have a lot of feelings, and those feelings are often expressed in the form of tears, both happy and sad.

They Value Trust Above All Else

Water signs need to know they can rely on their partner to the honest and true, and once you earn their trust, they're yours for life. However, don't even think about betraying that trust, because they'll cut you out of their life in a heartbeat.

They Require Plenty Of Alone Time

They may seem clingy (especially Cancers), but these signs do require a fair amount of quiet time for self-reflection. Having so many feelings requires a lot of processing, and this is better done in solitude.

They Take Some Time To Open Up

Once you pry open their shells, water signs don't hold back, but it will take some time to get to that point. They need to know they can trust someone before opening their hearts and letting them in.

They're Loyal AF

Winning the heart of a water sign means having a partner who will support you no matter what. When it comes to signs that let you down in relationships, you don't have to worry about a Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio dropping the ball.

They Love Deeply And Completely

If a water sign falls for you, they're usually all in. They love with all their hearts and don't hold back. That may sound intense, but being loved entirely is an experience everyone should have.

Water signs aren't quite signs that tend to be chill to date, but is that such a bad thing? Sure, they may be intense, dramatic, and always one insult away from bursting into tears. However, a relationship with a water sign is one that will never leave you wanting for more.