14 Tweets About Dating Water Signs That Are So Real, You’ll LOL

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Regardless of how much weight you put on astrology when it comes to relationships, there are so many fun, interesting insights that can be gleaned from learning about the zodiac. Although it would be far too limiting to let the teachings of the zodiac become your end-all and be-all for behavior analysis, it can be a helpful tool when trying to understand someone's default mode of operation. The following tweets about dating a water sign make it clear that water babies (for better or worse) have so much sensitivity and emotional intensity to bring to the table.

When it comes to figuring our Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer baes, it's important to be aware of their depth of emotion. According to, water signs are "emotional and nurturing, and like a river, they run deep." Furthermore, "How things feel is what matters to these folks, and they base their actions on sense, rather than on logic or intellect." As sweet as this description sounds, it's safe to say most good qualities have not-so-positive sides. As a water sign myself, I can say from personal experience that we have our fair share of shortcomings. Also according to Astrology, "Water signs are susceptible to mood swings, and at their worst, they could become self-indulgent, controlling and hostage to a fantasy world."

If you're currently in a relationship with a wonderfully complex water bae, or you're thinking about locking one down, here are some tweets that will prepare you for the exciting (and dramatic) road ahead.

Dating A Pisces (February 19 — March 20)

Let's face it: For all of their depth, Pisces baes can be aloof. So, if you want to date one, then there's a big chance that you'll be the one doing the pursuing.

All of that emotional intensity can lead many of our fishy friends to develop serious feelings for someone, fast. After all, Pisceans are the ultimate romantics of the zodiac. So, if you're looking for a ride-or-die partner who'll jump into love head-first, then dating a Pisces is the way to go.

Water signs are also known for being particularly emotionally intelligent. On the flip side, they're also known for sassy commentary, so get ready.

Pisces also tend to get very enthusiastic when they're feeling the vibes. And I mean, very.

Seriously, be prepared for so much enthusiasm, you might start to wonder if your Pisceas is OK.

Dating A Cancer (June 22 — July 22)

Cancers are often considered to be the most nurturing sign of all. In exchange for their unparalleled TLC, be prepared to support them through their rollercoaster of emotions.

One thing's for sure: There's nothing crabs love more than slipping into their cozy shells with ample snacks in tow.

If napping is low on your priority list, Cancer baes won't judge. But whatever you do, never stand between them and their beauty rest, or the claws will come out.

Oh yeah, and you better shower them with loads of adoration, love, and reassuring praise... or else.

A word for the wise: Don't cross a Cancer. If you hurt them, it could take them an eternity to forgive you.

Dating A Scorpio (Oct. 24 — Nov. 22)

Scorpios are known for their seductive energy, but sometimes, it's hard to tell exactly where they stand, so they'll certainly keep you guessing.

Although they can be impulsive, don't be surprised if a Scorpio needs some time to weigh the pros and cons when it comes to making big decisions. (Yes, exchanging Netflix passwords is a big decision, don't @ me.)

Don't panic if your Scorpio bae starts acting cold. This mysterious sign isn't afraid to lean into energetic ebbs and flows. It'll be no time before they're blowing up your phone as if nothing happened.

And most importantly, never try to hide something from a Scorpio, because their intuition is of high-key psychic proportions.

As you can see, the world of water signs can be an exciting, loving, and intense place to be. Their complexity and depth are what make them so special, and as long as you can weather a few emotional storms, these baes are full of wonderful surprises.

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