3 Sex Positions For Capricorns That Really Are The G.O.A.T.

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Known as the father of the zodiac, it's safe to say that Capricorns are natural zaddies. Allow me to explain: They're often pre-occupied with getting promotions at work and stressing about the power bill being too high, like the dad in a '90s sitcom. The tenth marker of the zodiac, Capricorn is an earth sign know for its ability to rise to the top — slowly but steadily. Maybe that's why these sex positions that Capricorns love really get down to it. (full disclosure: I'm a Capricorn.)

"Capricorn is known for their strength and fortitude. They thrive in situations where they can achieve a desired level of success," Linda Furiate, consulting astrologer, specializing in addictive behavior and relationships, tells Elite Daily. "Their approach in the bedroom is like their approach in the board room — they want to win and to command respect."

Although some may say they're "obsessed with success" or "aren't emotional," in reality, Capricorns just want what's best for everyone, especially our loved ones, and especially our loved ones in the bedroom. (I promise we do have feelings and loved ones.)

These three moves for Capricorns will make the sexy times feel as good as monetary security or getting that promotion.

Anything On Top

Symbolized by a sea goat making its way up a mountain, Cappies keep their eye on the prize and prefer to always be moving upward. "Represented by the goat, Capricorn will like to climb on top — they will like to dominate," astrologer Cindy Mckean tells Elite Daily. Although this inclination to be can also manifest itself at work and in school, it also can make its way between the sheets. "Capricorn prefer to be in control, so being on top is a priority for them," Furiate says.

From variations on basic missionary to getting it on while sitting up or on a chair, Capricorn thrives when they're on top and able to use all their force. "Because of their own strength, sex with a Capricorn may be intensely physical," Furiate says. "A partner will have to fit into their schedule, but for Capricorn lovemaking can feel like a game and be fun."

Prioritizing Their Partner
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Their dedication to success is often misinterpreted as a solo-mission. Although Capricorns keep impossibly high standards for themselves, when it comes to the sexy stuff — we are all about our partner(s).

"Somehow you'll often find the Capricorn getting their way in bed, but they will also be well-sustained to make sure their partner is satisfied, holding off on their own orgasm until their partner is near or at climax," Mckean says. Focusing on making sure everyone is in it to win it, Capricorn is in for the long haul. "Capricorn is serious about their love-making. They may appear to be reserved and lack spontaneity, although they are thorough, with lasting endurance to ‘get the job done,’" Furiate says.

Focused on a simultaneous orgasm or at least all parties finishing at some point, using toys or incorporating oral sex and/or fingering in addition to penetrative sex can really do it for the sea goat.

Getting A Little Kinky

Although they like to be the boss in the boardroom, when it comes to the bedroom, Capricorns may be into switching it up and getting a little kinky.

"Capricorns are often into kink, which is shocking, because they are the sign who appear to be the most rigid on paper," astrologer Lisa Stardust says. "Caps like to play both the sub and dom roles." Roleplaying and switching who is in control may be the perfect way for Capricorns to channel their compulsion to always be in charge. Additionally, incorporating some restraints or light bondage may really make the sea goat come alive.

"Allowing the earth sign to feel connected to their body will heighten the sea goats pleasure in the boudoir," Stardust says. "Having their hands tied above their heads will make Caps feel alive and in their bodies. Also, a light spanking will make them feel excited and turned on."

Of course, astrology doesn't dictate everything in life, and anyone can be into, or not so into anything — not matter their sign. Still, when it comes to getting it on, Cappies usually don't like to fool around, if you know what I mean. While their partner's wellbeing is a Capricorn priority, positions that get them on top may be their personal G.O.A.T.