3 Sex Moves That Sultry Scorpio Should Try For A Mindblowing Night

If there's one sign in the zodiac that symbolizes sex, it's Scorpio. Of course, that doesn't mean that all Scorpios are sex-centric people. And several other signs are super sexual, too — I'm lookin' at you, Taurus, Leo, and Cancer! Your zodiac sign informs many things about your personality, the way you interact with the world, and your specific quirks. Even if you're skeptical about all things zodiac and astrology, these sex positions for Scorpios are handy to file away in your brain under "sex stuff." (I really hope I'm not the only one with a mental sex folder.)

Scorpio is strong-willed, passionate, and loyal to the end. There's not much that frightens them, and when they set a goal they won't stop until they achieve it. Scorpio is focused, ambitious, and intuitive, and when they commit to a realtionship, they commit. Scorpio can also be jealous, they love to carry a grudge, and sometimes they expect their partner to intuit what they're feeling. Even though Scorpio's self-confidence is rock solid, if their loved one is giving someone else attention, Scorpio won't shy away from letting their partner know this bothers them. This directness and need to be their loved one's focus translates to the bedroom, so read on for a few of Scorpio's favorite moves.

Kitchen Cowgirl

Scorpio is passionate, romantic, and loves to be swept up in the moment, so a sexual rendezvous in an unlikely location is very exciting to them. They also like to be in a position of power and control during sex, so they're all about being on top of their partner. Hooking up in the kitchen is hot, hot, hot for Scorpio, and the cowgirl position lets Scorpio feel in charge, see their partner face-to-face, and connect emotionally and physically. Bonus points for leaving some clothes on!

Solo Showtime

Scorpio is likely no stranger to masturbation, and most likely knows exactly what buttons they need to push to climax. While Scorpio loves to be passionately physical with their partner, they'll also be into letting their partner experience a different type of intimacy. Scorpio's confidence and experience sets the stage perfectly for their partner to take a backseat and watch Scorpio get themselves off. Sure, Scorpio could just masturbate by themselves, but letting their partner watch is just too sexy to resist.

Sexy 69

While 69-ing your partner can be a little tricky logistically, this doesn't have to be a full-on 69 move to get Scorpio going. In fact, even an upside-down smooch will do the trick. Experiencing their love's face, kiss, and mouth from a different angle gives Scorpio the thrill of a new experience, but with the same passion and intensity they feel for their partner. Scorpio loves a good smooch session, and this position gives it a fresh perspective.

While all signs are sexual in their own ways, these particular moves appeal to all of Scorpio's dominant traits — confidence, passion, and intensity. There are some sexual positions or situations that could definitely kill the mood for Scorpio, too. For example, Scorpio doesn't like to share when it comes to sex, so a threesome or a group scenario isn't ideal. They aren't particularly into exhibitionism, preferring to keep their smoulder under cover. But when it comes down to it, the most important thing to Scorpio when it comes to sex is to have an intense connection with their partner. Everything else is just a cherry on top.