Scorpio Is The Most Sexual Sign Of The Zodiac, But It Doesn't Mean What You Think

by Rosey Baker
Victor Solomin

If you're a Scorpio, you're probably sick to death of people asking you what your sign is, and then leaning in like creeps when they hear you're the sign associated with sex.

In fact, not all Scorpios are the horndogs they're made out to be, and it's time to clear up a few things about their reputations.

Scorpios Are Ruled By Pluto

A Scorpio's ruling planet is Pluto. It's the planet of death, transformation, and rebirth. This is a sign that dies a thousand deaths, and is reborn numerous times in one lifetime.

This planet's "circle of life" theme plays out in every Scorpio's life, and is reminiscent of the relationship we all have to sex... it is a transformative act.

So, not every Scorpio is a huge nymphomaniac. In fact, some of them may not engage in sex very often simply because they take the consequences of it so seriously.

If you think about it, an orgasm itself is a little death, and when it's over, you're reborn again every time.

They Have Extremely Penetrating Personas

Another thing about Scorpios that has gotten them associated with sex and sexuality is the way they know how to penetrate a person to their core.

Not only do they make it their mission to figure out everything about a person (from what they do, to why they do it), they also attempt to find out why they think they do it.

This tendency to pierce goes beyond their everyday conversations, too.

Scorpios have a habit of cutting into any bullsh*t that's served to them, and while they aren't apt to lose their tempers easily, when they do, they'll pierce through your heart with truth that is so cutting, you'll wonder if they've been taking notes.

If you've ever had sex with a Scorpio, first off, congratulations. Second, their penetrating stare will be the most intense memory you hold onto from that experience. It's impossible to forget.

They're Mysterious Characters

One more thing that has gotten Scorpios a reputation for being such a sexual sign is the air of mystery they have. You can know them for your entire life, and still feel as if you never really got to know them.

Their mysterious vibes are part of what makes them so sexy. I mean, think about what turns you on in the beginning of a relationship; the sharing of information that you don't share with anyone else, the secrets you tell each other.

You could spend years with a Scorpio and still be getting surprised by what you find out about them. That's what makes them so sexy.

Hopefully this clears up some of the horny lies being spread out there about these poor souls. Next time, think twice before you start making assumptions.