5 Sex Positions For Pisces That’ll Make This Water Sign Thirsty

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To say Pisceans feel emotions deeply is an understatement. They speak with all the air in their lungs, use all their time and energy to revel in the mysteries of the universe, and cherish their partners with their whole heart. A Pisces doesn't just shower their significant other in thoughtfulness, warmth, and devotion — they roll out the red carpet for a hookup buddy, too, because that's just who they are. When it comes to the nitty gritty (aka the preferred sex positions for Pisces), they prioritize affection and intimacy.

This water sign craves partners who can be patient with them. Pisceans are drawn toward partners who make them feel comfortable being themselves in all their soft-hearted, sensitive glory. They want to let their guard down around someone special. The following sex positions for Pisces will make your Pisces partner feel loved and appreciated — and will make this water sign gush, so to speak.

1. Cuddling, But Make It Hot

The spooning sex position, aka sexy cuddling, is a Pisces' dream. It's equally parts sensual and straight-up dirty: There's tenderness in the way the big spoon cradles the little spoon, but there's something deliciously debauched about f*cking in this position.

2. Classic Missionary

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While missionary might come off as boring to some, this position literally hits a Pisces' sweet spot. This tried-and-true sex position allows you to play with your partner's clitoris, nipples, and hair for an extra tease — but you also get to lovingly gaze into your partner's eyes.

3. Mutual Masturbation

Out of all 12 of the zodiac signs, Pisces would be voted "most likely to live inside their imagination." So, that being said, why not indulge them? Whether you and your partner get off the old-fashioned way or with sex toys, masturbate together while your Pisces partner shares their most wicked, ridiculous, and indulgent fantasies — or do a little fanciful storytelling yourself.

4. Missionary, But Dirtier

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Another option for a Pisces lover is missionary with grinding or the "coital alignment technique." If the receiving partner in your situation has a vagina, have the penetrating partner lie higher up on their body and move up and down, instead of in and out.

This lets the receiver grind their clit against the giver's pubic bone. The mere fact you two are engaging in something so intimate — you're literally rubbing the entire front of your bodies against each other — would get your Pisces all riled up.

5. Seated Oral

Oral is the ideal move for a Pisces — you know, a water sign getting themselves or their lover wet? Oral while sitting is a special treat, because one partner is all on lascivious display for the other and gets to bring them close by putting their legs over the shoulder. Plus, it's comfortable. Bonus points if you get a Pisces creative juices flowing by roleplaying a royal getting pleasured on a throne.

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