3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Most Comfortable Talking About Their Feelings

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When someone asks how you're doing today, they're certainly not expecting you to start talking about how bummed you are over your recent breakup. No matter what the truth is, they're expecting you to say you're doing great. But not everyone is afraid to approach more emotional realities. These zodiac signs are totally comfortable talking about their feelings, regardless of one's expectations of them: Cancer, Libra, and Pisces.

If your emotions are so powerful that you can't bear the thought of pretending everything is "normal," then you'll want to find one of these zodiac signs to talk to immediately. Everyone has feelings, but people born under these three signs are often the least afraid of being honest about them.

It's never easy to show your true emotions to someone. You might be scared that you'll be judged for them, or that you'll make someone uncomfortable by bringing them up. However, these zodiac signs are the last people you need to be afraid of. In fact, sharing your feelings with them will probably make them love you even more.

Cancer: All They Want To Talk About Is Feelings

A Cancer might actually have more difficulty talking about things that aren't related to their feelings. It's all too often that they can't help but reveal their emotions in a professional setting. They might be shy and distrustful at first, but it's only because their hearts are so sensitive and receptive that they need to be as cautious with their feelings as they can. However, as soon as they realize you're as willing to talk about their feelings as they are, a Cancer will be more than willing to open up to you.

Affectionate, empathetic, and understanding by nature, a Cancer feels most alive when they can utilize their emotional strengths. Being able to safely admit that they're in love, going through a hard time, feeling heartbroken, or enduring any sort of emotional reality that's difficult for most to stomach makes a Cancer feel most comfortable.


Libra: They're Always Willing To Become Closer To You

Although air signs aren't known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves, a Libra is so enamored with the concept of love and friendship that, for them, an exception can be made. They want deep, real, and authentic partnerships with the people they choose to associate with. A genuine friendship simply can't be born if the people in that friendship aren't willing to talk about their feelings, and no one understands this better than a Libra.

Although Libras are just as willing to engage with people through small talk, they're also ready to talk about more complex matters of the heart. However, if your feelings are majorly disruptive and you're in a public setting, a Libra would rather tone it down. For how open they are, they do prefer to maintain an outward image of grace and politeness.

Pisces: There's Nothing They Won't Talk About

A Pisces is fully entrenched in their subconscious at all times. In fact, it's sometimes difficult to pull them out of their heads, or for them to remain socially present. However, if you're willing to talk about whatever weirdness is currently on their mind, a Pisces will find reality much more fascinating than what's going on inside their head.

Between colorful daydreams and emotional difficulties, a Pisces can't stop exploring the confines of their own imagination. Their favorite people are the ones who are willing to share the details of their subconscious with others, and vice versa. It would be very difficult to say something to a Pisces that they'd consider too "out there" or complicated. A Pisces actually believes it's more complicated to pretend that everything's totally fine, and that life isn't a completely wild experience from start to finish.

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