3 Sex Moves Will Keep Sagittarians & Their Boos Up All Night Long

A lot of our personality quirks and preferences can be understood and explained by looking at the stars. Your zodiac sign informs many things about who you are and why you like the things you like. This applies to how you interact with people, how you like to spend your time, and how you like to get busy. That's why there are certain sex positions for Sagittarius that will particularly scratch that sign's itch. Of course, there are more positions that Sagittarius likes, but these are the greatest hits off of Sagittarius' sexy album.

Sagittarius is confident, brave, and never backs down from a challenge. In fact, their optimism and intellectual acuity often helps them solve any and all problems thrown their way. While Sagittarius is generous, adventurous, and enthusiastic, they can also be impatient when things don't go perfectly according to plan. They're also very direct, which can sometimes come across as tactless, but Sag is just simply saying it like they see it. Although they love their freedom, Sagittarius is enthusiastic about a relationship with someone they respect and admire. And because a Sag can be hard to pin down, when they do give a relationship their attention and commitment, they really, really mean it.

Foreplay Forever

Sagittarius loves to explore, they love to experience new things, and are forever learning, so for this sign, it truly is about the journey not the destination. Take this concept into the bedroom and don't rush to the finish line. Instead, take your sweet time with foreplay, and send Sagittarius reeling. And who knows? Maybe you'll never get to the main event, but I doubt either of you will mind.

On The Road

Sagittarius is happiest when embarking on an adventure, discovering new things, and learning new information to pack in their already full brain. Sag will love going on a road trip, discovering a new city, or simply getting out of town. Since they'll be happy with taking a journey, they'll love to take a quick break to pull over and get busy with their babe. It's efficient, it's daring, and it's just the kind of action that Sag loves.

Get Wet

Sagittarius' curious nature and wandering gaze can be piqued by a unique opportunity or circumstance, so consider running a bath or hopping in the shower with them. A sexy, sudsy experience is exciting to Sagittarius, it's something out of the ordinary and is a major turn-on. Even if getting busy in the bathtub feels logistically challenging, Sag is the perfect partner for this endeavor — they're generous, accommodating, and determined to make anything work.

One of Sagittarius' sexual qualities is that they can be a bit of a challenge to seduce, they can seem aloof, or like they're playing hard to get. But that's just Sag's nature, and they are passionate and love to get physical with their partner. Although they prize their freedom, they love having a companion, so any of these sexual scenarios are sure to catch Sag's attention and get them to focus on their partner.