15 Sensual Sexts To Send The Taurus Lover In Your Life

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When you think of the signs in the zodiac that bring the sexual heat, a warm, good-natured earth sign like Taurus might not be the first that leaps to mind. Don’t sleep on this sensual sign, though, because while they might not be sexually aggressive, they do know how to bring the passion in the bedroom when it counts, especially when you set the stage with a few sexts to send your Taurus partner. But then, what else would expect from a sign that’s ruled by the Venus, the planet associated with love, sex, and beauty.

While Taurus is certainly no slouch in the bedroom, they can be a little slow to get into the mood. But building that anticipation can be highly effective. That’s especially true if you cater your sexy message to their innate sensuality, with something that speaks to their desire to be spoiled with luxury and that appeals to their deep appreciation of physical beauty. Before you know it, your Taurus will be bringing some serious Scorpio energy.

Here’s some sexy inspo to help get you (and your partner) started.

Appeal To All Their Senses.

1. First I want to slip into a bath with you… and then into bed to get all dirty again.

2. I can’t wait to have my way with you tonight and then snuggle up in your arms.

3. I’m about to hop in the shower, want to join me?

4. When you get here, just come straight into the bedroom. I lit your favorite candle and I’m waiting for you in bed.

5. First I want to taste you… then I want you to taste me.

Sexts That Spoil Them.

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6. Hey babe, I bought some massage oil. Tonight is going to be all about you.

7. I got some new high thread count sheets. Want to take them for a test ride later?

8. Hey, I made you a special dinner, followed by an even more special dessert. (Spoiler alert: dessert is me.)

9. All I can think about right now is how much I want to kiss EVERY part of your body.

10. Tonight I just want you to lay back and let me take care of you. It’s all about you tonight.

Send A Little Visual Stimulation.

11. I can’t wait to touch all of you, with all of me. [Send a sexy photo of you]

12. Oops, look what I bought today. [Send a pic of some new lingerie]

13. The only thing missing is you. [Send a pic of your bedroom, lit by candlelight]

14. First I want you to kiss me here… [Send a pic, of a body part like your neck or lips] And then…

15. I think you left something last time you were here. Come over and I'll show you what’s underneath. [Photo of you wearing clothes they left behind]

If you want your Taurus to be on your same sexy wavelength, then let them know just how you're feeling. There’s no doubt they’ll both appreciate and reciprocate in no time.

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